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Composite specimens under fatigue and impact loading conditions

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posted on 03.04.2020, 00:00 by Nikolaos Eleftheroglou, D. (Dimitrios) Zarouchas, R. (Rinze) Benedictus
Open-hole specimens were subjected to constant amplitude fatigue loading up to failure while in-situ impact and manufacturing imperfections were used so as to demonstrate unexpected phenomena. Acoustic emission and digital image correlation techniques were employed in order to collect condition monitoring data which were used for the training and testing processes.Eight specimens were used for the training process, and they were subjected only to fatigue loading. Four specimens were used for testing the proposed adaptive model. Three of them were subjected to fatigue and in-situ impact, and created a left, a right outlier and an inlier performer respectively to the training specimens. The last one was subjected just to fatigue loading but created one more left outlier case since it had a manufacturing imperfection.



TU Delft Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Department of Aerospace Structures and Materials, Delft Aerospace Structures and Materials Laboratory


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