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Coherent radar observations of a highway: Datasets for radar practicum in signal processing

posted on 21.06.2022, 11:46 authored by Oleg KrasnovOleg Krasnov, Fred van der Zwan, Alexander Yarovoy

25 datasets of the A13 highway observations using the TU Delft PARSAX S-band coherent radar, which can be used for radar practicum in BSc/MSc education.

Every dataset archived using the ZIP-archiver and includes:

  • the MATLAB mat file with the array of complex radar signals within range-slow time coordinates;
  • the similar MATLAB mat file with the array of complex radar signals within range-slow time coordinates with noise-only measurements (without signal transmission);
  • the video file from the collocated with the radar video camera, which is more-less synchronized with the radar observations.

More details about the measurements, data access and processing in the MATLAB can be found at the file "Krasnov - Radar practicum - Doppler processing.pdf".

The geo-location of the measurements can be found in the Google Earth file "PARSAX measurements of the highway.kml"

If you will use this data for the scientific publications, we would appreciate it if you cite not only this data but also the paper with the description of the PARSAX radar:  

  • O. A. Krasnov, L. P. Ligthart, Zhijian Li, P. Lys and F. van der Zwan,  "The PARSAX - full polarimetric FMCW radar with dual-orthogonal  signals," 2008 European Radar Conference, 2008, pp. 84-87 (see the web-link below). 




Time coverage



The highway A13, between Delft and Schiedam

Geolocation Longitude


Geolocation Latitude



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TU Delft, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences (EEMCS), Microwave Sensing, Signals and Systems (MS3) group.