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Ceilometer and friction velocity observations from Cabauw

posted on 01.10.2021, 07:10 by Mariska KoningMariska Koning, Henk Klein-Baltink, Fred Bosveld
This data set contains netcdf files of observed and derived variables from the LD40 ceilometer, as well as the friction velocity (measured with a sonic anemometer). Both instruments are part of the Royal Dutch Meteorology Institute's (KNMI) Ruisdael observatory in Cabauw, The Netherlands. (Some may know this site under its previous name, the CESAR observatory.) These observations are used in the study "Surface-layer wind shear and momentum transport from clear-sky to cloudy weather regimes over land" by Koning et al., 2021. Other observational data used in this study can be found on the KNMI Data Platform: https://dataplatform.knmi.nl/dataset/.

1) Data from the LD40 ceilometer (2009-2017), grouped in a tar file per year: ld40_cabauw_[yyyy].tar
The tar files contain daily netcdf files of the ld40 backscatter, having a time interval of 15 seconds. File format: cesar_ld40_backscatter_la1_t15s_v1.0_[yyyymmdd].nc

2) Friction velocity data (2012-2017), 10-minute average, grouped together in one tar file. This data is extracted from the cesar_tower_flux2_lb1_t10_v1.1_[yyyymm].nc. This data only contains data during dry periods and is manually cleaned for these times.




Time coverage

2009-2017 (ceilometer) 2012-2017 (friction velocity, u_*)


Cabauw, The Netherlands

Geolocation Longitude


Geolocation Latitude



netcdf, tar


Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI)