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CHASE-PL - Future Hydrology (CPL-FH); Projections of water balance and streamflow for the Vistula and Odra basins (correction of aggregated model outputs)

posted on 11.02.2019, 00:00 authored by Mikołaj PiniewskiMikołaj Piniewski, M. (Mateusz) Szcześniak, I. (Ignacy) Kardel
This data set is a minor correction to the original CHASE-PL Future Hydrology dataset published in 4TU Centre for Research Data in 2017 (https://doi.org/10.4121/uuid:931bc857-9261-4bd8-b76c-ce5586948df3) and described in the data descriptor article (https://www.mdpi.com/2306-5729/2/2/14). It was comprised of future projections of hydrological variables obtained with the help of the SWAT model driven with an ensemble of nine bias-corrected EURO-CORDEX climate simulations for the Vistula and Odra basins. A bug was identified in the AggregatedModelOutputs.zip file containing multi-model ensemble statistics of the relative changes in mean seasonal and annual variables developed in a GIS format. In the present version the file structure remains unchanged, while the values have been corrected. Three other major files of the CPL-FH dataset (ClimateScenarios.zip, RawModelOutputs.zip and Txtinout.zip) are not a part of this correction.



Berezowski, T. (Tomasz); Kundzewicz, Z.W. (Zbigniew) [orcid:0000-0002-3579-5072]; Mezghani, A. (Abdelkader) [orcid:0000-0003-2825-5884]; Warsaw University of Life Sciences WULS-SGGW


4TU.Centre for Research Data

Time coverage

1974/2000, 2024/2050, 2074/2100


Union of Poland and the Vistula and Odra (Oder) river basins

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