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Beyond Engineering: Building with Nature 2x video #3. The value of working with stakeholders. Co-creation and co-learning

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posted on 2021-10-29, 07:53 authored by Carolyn (Tally) Palmer, Jill SlingerJill Slinger, Athina Copteros
Third video in a set of 14 videos on designing for stakeholder inclusion in Building with Nature. This video forms a component of the e-book Building with Nature & Beyond (Slinger, 2021) published by TU Delft open Publishing. The book deals with stakeholder-inclusive, ecosystem-based approaches to hydraulic infrastructure design. Such an approach was applied in the Sustainable Ports in Africa project, which forms the central case study of Part II. Other examples are drawn from the Sand Engine, Room for the River, and the Mud Motor in The Netherlands as well as mangrove areas in Indonesia, hydropower exploration in Sierra Leone, and stakeholder engagement procsses in South Africa.





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