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Bee pollination vs. strawberry yield, quality and commercial value

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posted on 26.08.2014, 00:00 authored by Björn KlattBjörn Klatt
Aim was to compare effects of bee pollination and other pollination modes (wind and self-pollination) on strawberry yield and quality as well as the resulting commercial value. Data were collected on an experimental strawberry field with nine commercially important strawberry varieties in 2009 and 2010. The field was split up in 12 blocks, each contains one row of each variety. In 2009, two plants per block and variety were used for each pollination treatment. Pollination treatments were conducted by using plastic bags (slef pollination treatment), mesh bags (wind pollination treatment) or uncovered flowers (open pollination treatment). Strawberries were harvested at maturity and weight, commercial grade, firmness, colour and sugar-acid ratio assessed.



Agroecology, Göttingen University

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April-June 2009


Experimental field,


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