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1047Luxemburg, W.M.J.(Wim)
668Westhoff, M.C.(Martijn)
379van den Dool, Cees-Anton
50Gerrits, A.M.J.(Miriam)
37Hellebrand, Hugo
36Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann (CRPGL)
11van Dongen, B.F. (Boudewijn)
10Buijs, J.C.A.M.
5Bogaard, T.A. (Thom)
4Djedović, A. (Almir)
4Leemans, M. (Maikel)
1186Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
41Business and Management
37Information Systems
13Civil Engineering
10Land and Water Management
7Computer Software
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5Climate and Climate Change
4Atmospheric Sciences
1171Darelux - River Environment Luxemburg
45IEEE Task Force on Process Mining - Event Logs
34 General collection of datasets
21Datasets of dissertations
17Datasets of master theses
2Datasets of projects
2Fieldwork Hydraulic Engineering
2Hondsbossche Dunes
1Atmospheric observations IDRA, Cabauw
1Datasets of conferences
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Supplementary materials for the article How do eHMIs affect pedestrians' crossing behavior? A study using a head-mounted display combined with a motion suit.Dataset2019Kooijman, L. (Lars); Happee, R. (Riender); De Winter, J.C.F. (Joost)
Amsterdam Scenario MATSimDataset2019Winter, M.K.E. (Konstanze); Narayan, J. (Jishnu)
Supplementary data for the article: Order Acceptance and Scheduling with Sequence-dependent Setup Times: a New Memetic Algorithm and Benchmark of the State of the ArtDataset2019He, L. (Lei); Guijt, A. (Arthur); de Weerdt, M.M. (Mathijs); Xing, L. (Lining); Yorke-Smith, N. (Neil)
EUropean Flood Fatalities (EUFF) database 1980-2018Dataset2019Petrucci, O. (Olga); Aceto, L. (Luigi); Bianchi, C. (Cinzia); Bigot, V. (Victoria); Brázdil, R. (Rudolf); Pereira, S. (Susana); Inbar, M. (Moshe); Kahraman, A. (Abdullah); Kılıç, O. (Özgenur); Kotroni, V. (Vassiliki); Llasat, M.C. (Maria Carmen); Llasat-Botija, M. (Montserrat); Mercuri, M. (Michele); Papagiannaki, K. (Katerina); Pasqua, A.A. (Angela Aurora); Řehoř, J. (Jan); Rossello-Geli, J. (Joan); Salvati, P. (Paola); Vinet, F. (Freddy); Zêzere, J.L. (José Luis)
Data underlying: REPAiR h2020: T3.1 Spatial Analysis, Wastescapes in Amsterdam Metropolitan Region in 2018Dataset2019Furlan, C. (Cecilia); Wandl, A. (Alexander); Geldermans, B. (Bob); Amenta, L. (Libera)
Supplementary material for the manuscript entitled: Mechanical Controls on Horizontal Stresses and Fracture Behaviour in Layered Rocks: A Numerical Sensitivity AnalysisDataset2019Boersma, Q. (Quinten)
Supplementary Data for the Research on Geo-Hazard Based on Natural Ecological Environment Characteristics and Human ActivitiesDataset2019Kong, C. (Chunfang)
Multiple-offset and common-offset GPR data from TU Delft and ARISTA facility and scripts to apply EMI and ASDataset2019Hansen, F.S. (Frederikke)
Supplementary data for the thesis: Assimilation of CRP Measurements for the Detection of Freezing-Thawing Process using the STEMMUS Model at Maqu Site, Tibetan PlateauDataset2019Mwangi, S. (Samuel)
Data underlying the paper: An agent-based process mining architecture for emergent behavior analysisDataset2019Bemthuis, R.H. (Rob); Koot, M. (Martijn); Mes, M.R.K. (Martijn); Bukhsh, F.A. (Faiza); Iacob, M.E. (Maria-Eugenia); Meratnia, N. (Nirvana)
Morphodynamic Delft3D models of erosional, depositional and balanced environmentsDataset2019Baar, A.W. (Anne); Albernaz, M.B. (Marcio Boechat); van Dijk, W.M. (Wout)
Research data resulting from "Raw signal simulation of synthetic diaphragm radar altimeter over complex terrain surfaces experiment".Dataset2019Zhu, Z. (Zhanyu)
Catcher, artifact of the paper: “Effective and Efficient API Misuse Detection via Exception Propagation and Search-based Testing”.Dataset2019Devroey, X.D.M. (Xavier); Kechagia, M. (Maria); Panichella, A. (Annibale); Gousios, G. (Georgios); van Deursen, A. (Arie)
Plaxis 2D results for production from a reservoir with a 60-deg displaced faultDataset2019Vossepoel, F.C. (Femke)
MODIS-based Daily Lake Ice Extent and Coverage Dataset for Tibetan PlateauDataset2019Qiu, Y. (Yubao); Xie, P. (Pengfei); Leppäranta, M. (Matti); Wang, X. (Xingxing); Lemmetyinen, J. (Juha); Lin, H. (Hui); Shi, L. (Lijuan)
Data underlying “Multi-Scale monitoring and modelling of the Kapuas River Delta”Dataset2019Kästner, K. (Karl); Vermeulen, B. (Bart); Hoitink, A.J.F. (Ton); Geertsema, T. J. (Tjitske)
Seascape North SeaDataset2019Couling, N.R. (Nancy)
Data underlying the research of Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Sialic Acid Derivatives Using Immobilized N-Acetylneuraminate Lyase in a Continuous Flow ReactorDataset2019Bloemendal, V.R.L.J. (Viktor); Moons, S.J. (Sam); Hemming, J.J.A. (Jurriaan); Chayoua, M. (Mohamed); Niesink, O. (Olaf); van Hest, J.C.M. (Jan); Boltje, T.J. (Thomas); Rutjes, P.J.T. (Floris)
Raw data from Yellow Sticky Traps with insects for training of deep learning Convolutional Neural Network for object detectionDataset2019Nieuwenhuizen, A.T. (Ard); Hemming, J. (Jochen); Janssen, D. (Dirk); Suh, H.K. (Hyun); Bosmans, L. (Lien); Sluydts, V. (Vincent); Brenard, N. (Nathalie); Rodríguez, E. (Estefanía); Tellez, M.D.M. (Maria del Mar)
MODIS-based Daily Lake Ice Extent and Coverage Dataset for Tibetan Plateau [version 1]Dataset2019Qiu, Y. (Yubao); Xie, P. (Pengfei); Leppäranta, M. (Matti); Wang, X. (Xingxing); Lemmetyinen, J. (Juha); Lin, H. (Hui); Shi, L. (Lijuan)
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