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3Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
2Herman, P.M.J. (Peter)
2James, R.K. (Rebecca)
2Markovic, M. (Mirjana)
2van Katwijk, M.M. (Marieke)
2van der Meer, J. (Jaap)
1Bakker, L. (Liesbeth)
1Bertolini, C. (Camilla)
1Bouma, T. J. (Tjeerd)
1Buschbaum, C. (Christian)
1Capelle, J.J. (Jacob)
1Christianen, M.J.A. (Marjolijn)
1Derksen, G.C.H. (Dorien)
1Eikelboom, J.A.J. (Jasper)
1Folmer, E. O. (Eelke)
1Goedknegt, M. A. (Anouk)
1Hempel, A. (Anke)
1Infantes Oanes, E. (Eduardo)
1Luttikhuizen, P. C. (Pieternella)
1Marin Diaz, B. (Beatriz)
1Nauta, R. (Reinier)
1Thieltges, D. W. (David)
1Thieltges, D.W. (David)
1Timmermans, K. (Klaas)
1Waser, A. M. (Andreas)
1Welsh, J.E. (Jennifer)
1de Smit, J.C. (Jaco)
1van de Kerke, S.J. (Sara)
1van de Koppel, J. (Johan)
1van der Heide, T. (Tjisse)
Subject #2
3Plant Biology
2Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity
1Environmental Science and Management
1Soil Sciences
1Evolutionary Biology
1Other Biological Sciences
1Fisheries Sciences
1Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
1Climate and Climate Change
1Environmental and Natural Resource Evaluation
1Physical and Chemical Conditions of Water
8 General collection of datasets
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Data presented in the paper “Role of eelgrass on bed-load transport and sediment resuspension under oscillatory flow”Dataset2019Marin Diaz, B. (Beatriz); Bouma, T. J. (Tjeerd); Infantes Oanes, E. (Eduardo)
Data presented in the paper “Water motion and vegetation control the pH dynamics in seagrass-dominated bays”Dataset2019James, R.K. (Rebecca); van Katwijk, M.M. (Marieke); Herman, P.M.J. (Peter); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
Pelargonium geometric morphometric dataDataset2019van de Kerke, S.J. (Sara)
Data presented in the paper "Consumer and host body size effects on the removal of trematode cercariae by ambient communities"Dataset2019Welsh, J.E. (Jennifer); Hempel, A. (Anke); Markovic, M. (Mirjana); van der Meer, J. (Jaap); Thieltges, D.W. (David)
Data presented in the paper "Understanding how leaf traits affect sediment stabilisation by seagrass: the effect of grazing and invasive species"Dataset2019James, R.K. (Rebecca); Christianen, M.J.A. (Marjolijn); van Katwijk, M.M. (Marieke); de Smit, J.C. (Jaco); Bakker, L. (Liesbeth); van der Heide, T. (Tjisse); Herman, P.M.J. (Peter); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
Improving the precision and accuracy of animal population estimates with aerial image object detectionDataset2019Eikelboom, J.A.J. (Jasper)
Data presented in the paper "Timing it right: Non-consumptive effects on prey recruitment magnify overtime"Dataset2019Bertolini, C. (Camilla); Capelle, J.J. (Jacob); Timmermans, K. (Klaas); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd); van de Koppel, J. (Johan); Derksen, G.C.H. (Dorien)
Data presented in the paper "How invasive oysters can affect parasite infection patterns in native mussels on a large spatial scale"Dataset2019Goedknegt, M. A. (Anouk); Nauta, R. (Reinier); Markovic, M. (Mirjana); Buschbaum, C. (Christian); Folmer, E. O. (Eelke); Luttikhuizen, P. C. (Pieternella); van der Meer, J. (Jaap); Waser, A. M. (Andreas); Thieltges, D. W. (David)