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1Buschbaum, C. (Christian)
1Folmer, E. O. (Eelke)
1Goedknegt, M. A. (Anouk)
1Luttikhuizen, P. C. (Pieternella)
1Nauta, R. (Reinier)
1Thieltges, D. W. (David)
1Waser, A. M. (Andreas)
1van der Meer, J. (Jaap)
Subject #2
1Fisheries Sciences
1 General collection of datasets
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Data presented in the paper "How invasive oysters can affect parasite infection patterns in native mussels on a large spatial scale"Dataset2019Goedknegt, M. A. (Anouk); Nauta, R. (Reinier); Markovic, M. (Mirjana); Buschbaum, C. (Christian); Folmer, E. O. (Eelke); Luttikhuizen, P. C. (Pieternella); van der Meer, J. (Jaap); Waser, A. M. (Andreas); Thieltges, D. W. (David)