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Type #2
1Item with a doi
Creator #6
1Cheval, S. (Sorin)
1Dumitrescu, A. (Alexandru)
1Haliuc, A. (Aritina)
1Manea, A. (Ancuta)
1Mock, C. (Cary)
1Tișcovschi, A. (Adrian)
1Tătui, F. (Florin)
Subject #3
1Atmospheric Sciences
1Atmosphere and Weather
1 General collection of datasets
Data format #2
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Meteorological information from Romanian newspapers of the 19th century (ROMETNEWS19)Dataset2019Cheval, S. (Sorin); Haliuc, A. (Aritina); Antonescu, B. (Bogdan); Tișcovschi, A. (Adrian); Dobre, M. (Mihaela); Tătui, F. (Florin); Dumitrescu, A. (Alexandru); Manea, A. (Ancuta); Tudorache, G. (George); Irimescu, A. (Anisoara); Birsan, M-V. (Marius-Victor); Mock, C. (Cary)