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Type #2
1Item with a doi
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1Shen, J. (Jie)
1Sol, M.L. (Martijn)
1de Vries, F.K. (Folkert)
Subject #2
1Condensed Matter Physics
1 General collection of datasets
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Crossed Andreev Reflection in InSb flake Josephson JunctionsDataset2019de Vries, F.K. (Folkert); Sol, M.L. (Martijn); Gazibegovic, S. (Sasa); op het Veld, R.L.M. (Roy); Balk, S.C. (Stijn); Car, D. (Diana); Bakkers, E.P.A.M. (Erik); Kouwenhoven, L. P. (Leo); Shen, J. (Jie)