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1Augusto, A. (Adriano)
1Conforti, R. (Raffaele)
1Dumas, M. (Marlon)
1Maggi, F.M. (Fabrizio Maria)
1Marrella, A. (Andrea)
1Mecella, M. (Massimo)
1Soo, A. (Allar)
1Computation Theory and Mathematics
1Information Systems
1IEEE Task Force on Process Mining - Event Logs
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Data underlying the paper: Automated Discovery of Process Models from Event Logs: Review and BenchmarkDataset2019Augusto, A. (Adriano); Conforti, R. (Raffaele); Dumas, M. (Marlon); La Rosa, M. (Marcello); Maggi, F.M. (Fabrizio Maria); Marrella, A. (Andrea); Mecella, M. (Massimo); Soo, A. (Allar)