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1Aramburu, O. (Octavio)
1Croxford, B. (Ben)
1Domenech Aparisi, T. (Teresa)
1Hausleitner, B. (Birgit)
1Hill, A.V. (Adrian)
1Laura Rebreanu
1Meyer, V.J. (Han)
1Muñoz Sanz, V. (Victor)
1Orban, A. (Alexandre)
1Rebreanu, L. (Laura)
1Vanin, F. (Fabio)
1Warden, J. (Josie)
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Cities of Making pattern language cards testing setDataset2019Hausleitner, B. (Birgit); Muñoz Sanz, V. (Victor); Hill, A.V. (Adrian); Meyer, V.J. (Han); Croxford, B. (Ben); Domenech Aparisi, T. (Teresa); Warden, J. (Josie); Vanin, F. (Fabio); Orban, A. (Alexandre); Aramburu, O. (Octavio); Nakhle, L. (Lise); Laura Rebreanu; Rebreanu, L. (Laura)