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1Barreto, C.N (Cleber)
1Faria, B. (Bernadete)
1Furtado, D.Z.S (Danielle)
1Jedlicka, L.D.L (Leticia)
1Leite, F.B.V.M (Fernando)
1Silva, H.D.T (Heron)
1Medical Biochemistry and Metabolomics
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Profiles of Amino Acids and Biogenic Amines in the Plasma of Cri-du-Chat Patients from BrazilDataset2016Furtado, D.Z.S (Danielle); Leite, F.B.V.M (Fernando); Barreto, C.N (Cleber); Faria, B. (Bernadete); Jedlicka, L.D.L (Leticia); Silva, E.J (Elizangela); Silva, H.D.T (Heron); Bechara, E.J.H (Etelvino); Assunção, N.A (Nilson)