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1Jungmann, R. (Ralf)
1Lidke, K.A. (Keith)
1Rieger, B. (Bernd)
1Strauss, M.T. (Maximilian)
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1Optical Physics
1 General collection of datasets
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Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM) 2D TU Delft logosDataset2018Heydarian, H. (Hamidreza); Schueder, F. (Florian); Strauss, M.T. (Maximilian); van Werkhoven, B. (Ben); Fazel, M. (Mohamadreza); Lidke, K.A. (Keith); Jungmann, R. (Ralf); Stallinga, S. (Sjoerd); Rieger, B. (Bernd)