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1Item with a doi
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1Nolet, C. (Corjan)
1Riksen, M.J.P.M. (Michel)
1Suomalainen, J.M. (Juha)
1de Groot, A.V. (Alma)
Subject #2
1Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
1 General collection of datasets
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Supporting data for the publication: Exploring the contributions of vegetation and dune size to early dune development using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-imagingDataset2017van Puijenbroek, M.E.B. (Marinka); Nolet, C. (Corjan); de Groot, A.V. (Alma); Suomalainen, J.M. (Juha); Riksen, M.J.P.M. (Michel); Berendse, F. (Frank); Limpens, J. (Juul)