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7Viegas Ochôa de Carvalho, P.A. (Pedro)
3Boltje, T.J. (Thomas)
3Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul)
3Neerincx, M.A. (Mark)
3de Winter, J.C.F. (Joost)
3van Hest, J.C.M. (Jan)
2Bazilinskyy, P. (Pavlo)
2Chayoua, M. (Mohamed)
2Emmelkamp, P.M.G. (Paul)
2Happee, R. (Riender)
2Hartanto, D. (Dwi)
2Hiebler, K. (Katharina)
2Hoitink, A.J.F. (Ton)
2Kampmann, I.L. (Isabel)
2Moons, S.J. (Sam)
2Morina, N. (Nexhmedin)
2Niesink, O. (Olaf)
10Aerospace Engineering
8Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
7Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
7Mechanical Engineering
6Other Earth Sciences
6Environmental Science and Management
4Organic Chemistry
4Civil Engineering
4Materials Engineering
4Construction Materials Performance and Processes
3Condensed Matter Physics
3Soil Sciences
3Automotive Engineering
3Urban and Regional Planning
56 General collection of datasets
13Datasets of dissertations
7Datasets of projects
6Datasets of master theses
2Hondsbossche Dunes
1IEEE Task Force on Process Mining - Event Logs
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Data underlying the paper: Perception and control of low cable operation forces in voluntary closing body-powered upper-limb prosthesesDataset2019Hichert, M. (Mona); Abbink, D.A. (David); Vardy, A.N. (Alistair); van der Sluis, C.K.(Corry); Janssen, W.G.M. (Wim); Brouwers, M.A.H. (Michael); Plettenburg, D.H. (Dick)
Meteorological data collected at the Tarlung reservoir, located in the centre of RomaniaDataset2019Nicu Constantin, T. (Tudose); Ungurean, C. (Cezar); Marin, M. (Mirabela); Mihalache, A. (Alin); Davidescu, S. (Serban)
Data underlying the research of Fingerprint of chiral Majorana modes in a QAHI/superconductor heterostructureDataset2019Lortz, R.W. (Rolf); Shen, J. (Junying)
Data underlying the research of " The role of eye gaze in virtual characters on their perceived believability, social presence and the application of ToM.Dataset2019Garama, Z. (Zilla)
Replication Data for: Bed morphodynamics at the intake of a side channel controlled by sill geometryDataset2019de Ruijsscher, T.V. (Timo); Hoitink, A.J.F. (Ton); Naqshband, S. (Suleyman); Paarlberg, A.J. (Andries)
Data underlying the publication: Elucidating the Influence of Tumor Presence on the Polymersome Circulation Time in MiceDataset2019Denkova, A. G. (Antonia)
Supplementary data for the article: Survey on eHMI concepts: The effect of text, color, and perspectiveDataset2019Bazilinskyy, P. (Pavlo); Dodou, D. (Dimitra); de Winter, J. C. F. (Joost)
Data underlying the study of the influence of the dry aerosol particle size distribution and morphology on the cloud condensation nuclei activation.Dataset2019Faccinetto, A. (Alessandro); Wu, J. (Junteng)
Source code in the R programming language, belonging with: Model based geostatistics from a Bayesian perspective: Investigating area‐to‐point kriging with small datasetsDataset2019Steinbuch, L. (Luc); Orton, T.G. (Thomas); Brus, D.J. (Dick)
Data underlying the research on: Seasonal variations in N2O emissions in a subtropical forest with exogenous nitrogen enrichment are predominately influenced by the abundances of soil nitrifiers and denitrifiersDataset2019Han, X.G. (Xiaoge); Shen, W.J. (Weijun)
Supporting Information for [Neoarchean synmagmatic crustal extrusion in the transpressional Yilgarn Orogen]Dataset2019Zibra, I. (Ivan); Weinberg, R.F. (Roberto); Peternell, M. (Mark)
Supplementary data to the article: Patch-based multiscale algorithm for flow and reactive transport in fracture-microcrack systems in shalesDataset2019Wang, Z. (Ziyan)
Data underlying the article: Heterogeneous Pd catalysts as emulsifiers in Pickering emulsions for integrated multistep synthesis in flow chemistryDataset2019Hiebler, K. (Katharina)
Data underlying the article: Multistep synthesis of a valsartan precursor in continuous flowDataset2019Hiebler, K. (Katharina)
Data underlying the article: A Revised Modular Approach to (–)-trans-Δ8-THC and Derivatives Through Late-Stage Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-Coupling ReactionsDataset2019R.L.J. Bloemendal, R.L.J. (Victor); Sondag, D. (Daan); Elferink, H. (Hidde); Boltje, T.J. (Thomas); van Hest, J.C.M. (Jan); Rutjes, F.P.J.T. (Floris)
Data underlying the article: Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Sialic Acid Derivatives Using Immobilized N-Acetylneuraminate Lyase in a Continuous Flow ReactorDataset2019Bloemendal, V.R.L.J. (Victor); Moons, S.J. (Sam); Heming, J.J.A. (Jurriaan); Chayoua, M. (Mohamed); Niesink, O. (Olaf); van Hest, J.C.M. (Jan); Boltje, T.J. (Thomas); Rutjes, F.P.J.T. (Floris)
Supplementary material for the manuscript entitled: Mechanical Controls on Horizontal Stresses and Fracture Behaviour in Layered Rocks: A Numerical Sensitivity AnalysisDataset2019Boersma, Q. (Quinten)
Processed Data of Extreme Events for the Coastal Region of Southern BrazilDataset2019Couto de Souza, D. (Danilo); Ramos da Silva, R. (Renato)
Source code and dataset of dissertation ‘Wave propagation in mechanical metamaterials’Dataset2019Zhou, Y. (Yujie)
Data from research on optimal water use strategies to mitigate high urban temperaturesDataset2019Liu, B. (Bin)
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