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8de Winter, J.C.F. (Joost)
4Rozen, D.E. (Daniel)
4Wang, Y. (Yin)
3Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
3Cabrall, C.D.D. (Christopher)
2Benes, N.E. (Nieck)
2Benneker, A.M. (Anne)
2Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul)
2Hartmanns, A. (Arnd)
2Herman, P.M.J. (Peter)
2Lammertink, R.G.H. (Rob)
2Neerincx, M.A. (Mark)
2Song, C. (Chuangye)
2Su, Z. (Bob)
2Tempelman, K. (Kristianne)
2The Global Runoff Data Centre
2Wood, J.A. (Jeffery)
2Zeng, Y. (Yijian)
6Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
6Civil Engineering
4Mechanical Engineering
3Physical Chemistry (incl. Structural)
3Information Systems
3Electrical and Electronic Engineering
3Interdisciplinary Engineering
3Policy and Administration
2Plant Biology
2Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
2Computer Software
2Environmental Engineering
2Materials Engineering
40 General collection of datasets
11Datasets of dissertations
7Datasets of master theses
1Datasets of projects
1Fieldwork Hydraulic Engineering
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Influence of temperature gradients on mono- and divalent ion transport in electrodialysis at limiting currentsDataset2018Benneker, A.M. (Anne); Klomp, J. (Jasper); Lammertink, R.G.H. (Rob); Wood, J.A. (Jeffery)
Hydraulic load reduction as a function of depth in a filter layer consisting of logsDataset2018Rubaij Bouman, R.M. (Roland)
Megaherbivores may impact expansion of invasive seagrass in the CaribbeanDataset2018Christianen, M.J.A. (Marjolijn); Smulder, F.O.H. (Fee); Engel, M.S. (Sabine); Nava, M.I. (Mabel); Willis, S. (Sue); Debrot, A.O. (Adolphe); Palsbøll, P.J. (Per); Vonk, J.A. (Arie); Becking, L.E. (Leontine)
Distribution of Magnolia officinalisDataset2018Song, C. (Chuangye)
Experimental research on hydrodynamic failure of river bridges on spread footingsDataset2018Oudenbroek, K. (Kevin)
HydroThermal Dynamics of Frozen Soils on the Tibetan Plateau during 2015-2016Dataset2018Yu, L. (Lianyu); Zeng, Y. (Yijian); Su, Z. (Bob); Wen, J. (Jun)
Apparent ileal digestibility of Maillard reaction products in growing pigsDataset2018Salazar-Villanea, S. (Sergio)
Example calculation sheet for Thermal Cone Penetration Test (T-CPT)Dataset2018Vardon, P.J. (Philip); Baltoukas, D. (Dimitris); Peuchen, J. (Joek)
Supplementary data for the following paper "Effects of mental demands on situation awareness during platooning: A driving simulator study"Dataset2018Heikoop, D.D. (Daniel); de Winter, J.C.F. (Joost); van Arem, B. (Bart); Stanton, N.A. (Neville)
The Effects of Change Decomposition on Code Review - A Controlled Experiment - Online appendixDataset2018di Biase, M. (Marco)
Wood as a scour protectionDataset2018Beulink, L.M.R. (Laurens)
Soil Hydraulic and Thermal Properties for Land Surface Modelling over the Tibetan PlateauDataset2018Zhao, H. (Hong); Zeng, Y. (Yijian); Su, Z. (Bob)
Supplementary material for the paper: "Take-over requests in highly automated driving: A crowdsourcing survey on auditory, vibrotactile, and visual displays"Dataset2018Bazilinskyy, P. (Pavlo); Petermeijer, S.M. (Sebastiaan); Petrovych, V. (Veronika); Dodou, D. (Dimitra); de Winter, J.C.F. (Joost)
Supplementary material for the paper: The effect of steering-system linearity, simulator motion, and truck driving experience on steering of an articulated tractor-semitrailer combinationDataset2018Shyrokau, B. (Barys); de Winter, J.C.F. (Joost); Dijksterhuis, C. (Chris); Loof, J. (Jan); van Paassen, M.M. (René); Happee, R. (Riender); Stroosma, O. (Olaf)
Data presented in the paper "Hydrodynamic consequences of gaps in seagrass meadows: dependence on gap size, meadow density, shoot length and water depth"Dataset2018Adhitya, A. (Achmad); Folkard, A.M. (Andrew); van Katwijk, M.M. (Marieke); de Longh, H.H. (Hans); Herman, P.M.J. (Peter); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
A Statistical Model Checker for Nondeterminism and Rare Events (Artifact)Dataset2018Hartmanns, A. (Arnd)
Supplementary data for the paper: Visual sampling processes revisited: Replicating and extending Senders (1983) using modern eye-tracking equipment.Dataset2018Eisma, Y.B. (Yke Bauke); Cabrall, C.D.D. (Christopher); de Winter, J.C.F. (Joost)
Governance of the Integrated North Sea Offshore Grid: Simulation of Expansion Planning Constraints - Discount Rate AnalysisDataset2018Gorenstein Dedecca, J. (João); Hakvoort, R.A. (Rudi); Herder, P.M. (Paulien)
Mean daily observed discharge at Vicksburg (Mississippi river)Dataset2018The Global Runoff Data Centre
Mean daily observed discharge at Lobith (Rhine river)Dataset2018The Global Runoff Data Centre
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