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1A. Samson
1Amkreutz, L.W.S.W. (Luc)
1Balint, J.T. (Timothy)
1Biehl, M. (Michael)
1Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul)
1C. Trarieux
1Campbell, D. (Danny)
1Chorus, C.G. (Caspar)
1Cohen, K.M. (Kim)
1Elings, A. (Anne)
1Emmelkamp, P.M.G. (Paul)
1Grottoli, M. (Marco)
1Hartanto, D. (Dwi)
1Hemming, S. (Silke)
1J.C. Boulet
1J.M. Souquet
1Johansen, L. (Lykke) (Archaeological Drawings and Analyses)
1Kampmann, I.L. (Isabel)
1Kang, N. (Ni)
1Kozowyk, P.R.B. (Paul)
1Langejans, G.H.J. (Geeske)
1Matros, A. (Andrea)
1Meijvogel-de Koning, P.M. (Ellen)
1Melchert, F. (Friedrich)
1Morina, N. (Nexhmedin)
1Mouter, N. (Niek)
1Neerincx, M.A. (Mark)
1Ngan-Tillard, D.J.M. (Dominique)
1Niekus, M.J.L.Th. (Marcel)
1P. Williams
1Petropolou, A. (Anna)
1Pudāne, B. (Baiba)
1Righini, I. (Isabella)
1S. Caille
1Seiffert, U. (Udo)
1Smit, B.I. (Bjørn)
1T. Doco
1V. Cheynier
1Verbaas, A. (Annemieke)
1de Zwart, H.F. (Feije)
1van Keulen, H. (Henk)
Subject #2
2Mechanical Engineering
1Horticultural Production
1Information Systems
1Automotive Engineering
1Food Sciences
1Horticultural Crops
Data format #2
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Motorcycle multibody model validation for HuiL simulator - ResultsDataset2019Grottoli, M. (Marco)
Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge, First Edition (2018)Dataset2019Hemming, S. (Silke); de Zwart, H.F. (Feije); Elings, A. (Anne); Righini, I. (Isabella); Petropolou, A. (Anna)
X-ray micro-CT scan Data of First Middle Palaeolitic tar backed tool from the Dutch North SeaDataset2019Ngan-Tillard, D.J.M. (Dominique); Meijvogel-de Koning, P.M. (Ellen); Langejans, G.H.J. (Geeske); van Keulen, H. (Henk); van der Plicht, J. (Johannes); Cohen, K.M. (Kim); van Wingerden, W. (Willy) (self employed); van Os, B. (Bertil); Smit, B.I. (Bjørn); Amkreutz, L.W.S.W. (Luc); Johansen, L. (Lykke) (Archaeological Drawings and Analyses); Niekus, M.J.L.Th. (Marcel); Kozowyk, P.R.B. (Paul); Verbaas, A. (Annemieke)
Mined Object and Relational Data for Sets of LocationsDataset2019Balint, J.T. (Timothy)
Taboo trade off aversion DatasetDataset2018Chorus, C.G. (Caspar); Pudāne, B. (Baiba); Mouter, N. (Niek); Campbell, D. (Danny)
Automatic Mechanisms for Measuring Subjective Unit of Discomfort: Erratum, datafile and analysis scriptsDataset2018Hartanto, D. (Dwi); Kang, N. (Ni); Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul); Kampmann, I.L. (Isabel); Morina, N. (Nexhmedin); Emmelkamp, P.M.G. (Paul); Neerincx, M.A. (Mark)
The sugar dataset - A multimodal hyperspectral dataset for classification and researchDataset2016Melchert, F. (Friedrich); Matros, A. (Andrea); Biehl, M. (Michael); Seiffert, U. (Udo)
Wine characteristics: astringency (tasting and tests), classical parameters, polyphenols (focused on tannins), oligosaccharides and polysaccharidesDataset2015J.C. Boulet; C. Trarieux; J.M. Souquet; S. Caille; A. Samson; P. Williams; T. Doco; V. Cheynier