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1Aardema, H.M. (Hedy)
1Cai, H. (Huanjie)
1Chouchane, H. (Hatem)
1Gruca-Rokosz, R. (Renata)
1Hoekstra, A.Y. (Arjen)
1Krol, M.S. (Maarten)
1Kromkamp, J.C. (Jacco)
1Lefebvre, A. (Alain)
1Liu, B. (Bin)
1Rijkeboer, M. (Machteld)
1Su, Z. (Zhongbo)
1Veen, A. (Arnold)
1Wang, Y. (Yunfei)
1Yang, H. (Hualei)
1Yu, L. (Lianyu)
1Zeng, Y. (Yijian)
Subject #2
2Other Environmental Sciences
2Land and Water Management
1Ecological Applications
1Civil Engineering
1Other Environment
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Supplementary data related to the reseach on Vertical Diversification of Methane Production Pathways in Freshwater Sediments of Reservoirs. Case Nielisz Reservoir, PolandDataset2019Gruca-Rokosz, R. (Renata)
Data presented in the paper “High-resolution underway measurements of phytoplankton photosynthesis and abundance as innovative addition to water quality monitoring programs”Dataset2019Aardema, H.M. (Hedy); Rijkeboer, M. (Machteld); Lefebvre, A. (Alain); Veen, A. (Arnold); Kromkamp, J.C. (Jacco)
Data from research on optimal water use strategies to mitigate high urban temperaturesDataset2019Liu, B. (Bin)
Blue carbon, the Global Greenhouse Gas emissions of the natural and restored wetlands in ChinaDataset2019Yang, H. (Hualei)
Dataset for Changing global cropping patterns to minimize blue water scarcity in the world’s hotspotsDataset2019Chouchane, H. (Hatem); Krol, M.S. (Maarten); Hoekstra, A.Y. (Arjen)
Data underlying the research on Seasonal and interannual variation in evapotranspiration, energy flux, and Bowen ratio over a dry semi-humid cropland in Northwest ChinaDataset2019Wang, Y. (Yunfei); Cai, H. (Huanjie); Zeng, Y. (Yijian); Su, Z. (Zhongbo); Yu, L. (Lianyu)