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1Chen, Y. (Yaochieh)
1Jansen, J.D. (Jan Dirk)
1Kan, G.M. (Guangming)
1Kasyap, S.S. (Sathwik)
1Liu, B. (Benli)
1Su, Z. (Bob)
1Wang, J.Q. (Jingqiang)
1Zeng, Y. (Yijian)
1Zhao, H. (Hong)
Subject #2
2Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
1Civil Engineering
6 General collection of datasets
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Data supporting article "Deformation of a star dune impacted by anthropogenic activities"Dataset2019Liu, B. (Benli)
Data underlying the research on: "Shear Wave Speed of Shallow Seafloor Sediments in the Northern South China Sea and Their Correlations with Physical Parameters"Dataset2019Kan, G.M. (Guangming); Wang, J.Q. (Jingqiang)
Experimental Data of Micromechanical testing of smooth flat quartz surfaces with gougesDataset2019Kasyap, S.S. (Sathwik)
Repeating earthquake sequences in eastern TaiwanDataset2019Chen, Y. (Yaochieh)
An Air-to-Soil Transition Model for Discrete Scattering–Emission Modelling of L-Band Radiometry at Maqu site, the Eastern Tibetan PlateauDataset2019Zhao, H. (Hong); Zeng, Y. (Yijian); Su, Z. (Bob)
Matlab files used to produce the figures in the publication: Insights from closed-form expressions for injection- and production-induced stresses in displaced faults.Dataset2019Jansen, J.D. (Jan Dirk)