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7Viegas Ochôa de Carvalho, P.A. (Pedro)
3Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul)
3Neerincx, M.A. (Mark)
2Emmelkamp, P.M.G. (Paul)
2Happee, R. (Riender)
2Hartanto, D. (Dwi)
2Kampmann, I.L. (Isabel)
2Morina, N. (Nexhmedin)
2Rodriguez Muñoz, A. (Alfredo)
2Schouten, A.C. (Alfred)
1Akkerman, I. (Ido)
1Amkreutz, L.W.S.W. (Luc)
1Antonescu, B. (Bogdan)
1Bakker, R.R. (Richard)
1Balint, J.T. (Timothy)
1Bank, P.J.M. (Paulina)
1Barnhoorn, A. (Auke)
10Aerospace Engineering
7Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
6Mechanical Engineering
5Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
5Environmental Science and Management
4Other Earth Sciences
4Materials Engineering
4Construction Materials Performance and Processes
3Civil Engineering
3Urban and Regional Planning
3Computer Software and Services
2Medicinal and Biomolecular Chemistry
2Soil Sciences
2Computer Software
45 General collection of datasets
12Datasets of dissertations
4Datasets of master theses
2Datasets of projects
2Hondsbossche Dunes
1IEEE Task Force on Process Mining - Event Logs
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Data from research on optimal water use strategies to mitigate high urban temperaturesDataset2019Liu, B. (Bin)
Supplementary data for the paper "Disturbance Extraction for Burst Detection in Water Distribution Networks Using Pressure Measurements"Dataset2019Xu, W. (Weirong); Zhou, X. (Xiao); Yan, H. (Hexiang); Xin, K. (Kunlun); Tao, T. (Tao)
Multiple-offset and common-offset GPR data from TU Delft and ARISTA facility and scripts to apply EMI and ASDataset2019Hansen, F.S. (Frederikke)
Supplementary data for the thesis: Assimilation of CRP Measurements for the Detection of Freezing-Thawing Process using the STEMMUS Model at Maqu Site, Tibetan PlateauDataset2019Mwangi, S. (Samuel)
A set of energy depositions of monoenergetic neutrons data (1-20MeV) impinging on the plastic scintillator (EJ276 by Eljen Technology) of the MIDAS dosimeterDataset2019Papadimitropoulos, C.(Christos); Lambropoulos, C.P. (Charalambos)
Supporting data for: Cumulative and coseismic (during the 2016 Mw 6.6 Aketao earthquake) deformation of the dextral-slip Muji Fault, northeastern Pamir orogenDataset2019Li, T. (Tao)
Data presented in the PhD thesis "Cucumber Mildew Resistance Identification of Cucumber Genes Involved in Susceptibility and Resistance to Powdery and Downy Mildew"Dataset2019Berg, J.A. (Jeroen)
Research data resulting from "Raw signal simulation of synthetic diaphragm radar altimeter over complex terrain surfaces experiment".Dataset2019Zhu, Z. (Zhanyu)
Data resulting from a splash phenomenon experiment that were performed on a model soil.Dataset2019Nieznaj, E. (Ernest)
Supporting information for: Thermal evolution of asymmetric hyperextended magma-poor rift systems: results from numerical modelling and Pyrenean field observationsDataset2019Lescoutre, R. (Rodolphe); Brune, S. (Sascha)
Computer-based Fear Regulation during Virtual Reality Exposure for Social AnxietyDataset2019Hartanto, D. (Dwi); Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul); Kampmann, I.L. (Isabel); Morina, N. (Nexhmedin); Emmelkamp, P.M.G. (Paul); Neerincx, M.A. (Mark)
Data underlying the publication: Controlling Social Stress in Virtual Reality EnvironmentsDataset2019Hartanto, D. (Dwi); Kampmann, I.L. (Isabel); Morina, N. (Nexhmedin); Emmelkamp, P.M.G. (Paul); Neerincx, M.A. (Mark); Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul)
Data presented in the paper: “Mussel seed is highly plastic to settling conditions: the influence of waves vs. tidal emergence”Dataset2019Schotanus, J. (Jildou); Capelle, J.J. (Jacob); Leuchter, L. (Lennet); van de Koppel, J. (Johan); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
Data gathered related to the study of ‘Attitudes towards fashion clothing among youthful consumers’Dataset2019Yeboah, A. (Abraham)
Non-conventional Fibre Metal Laminate Crack Growth DataDataset2019van Maris, R.F.H. (Rutger)
Data of HIV treatment failure in the presence of Transmitted Drug Resistance Mutation strains using a Bayesian model.Dataset2019Haankuku, U.N. (Urban)
Comparisons of assessing boar semen quality by WST-8 assay, flow cytometry (FC) and Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA)Dataset2019Lin, H.-L. (Hsiu-Lien)
The dynamic response of the bicycle rider's body to vertical, fore-and-aft and lateral perturbationsDataset2019Dialynas, G. (Georgios); de Haan, J.W. (Jelle); Schouten, A.C. (Alfred); Happee, R. (Riender); Schwab, A.L. (Arend)
Data underlying the study into the housing capacity of the inhabitants of Mount ElgonDataset2019Smits, M.W.M. (Michiel)
Supporting data for finite-element simulations of ultrasonic guided wave propagation on a plate with a permanently corrugated shapeDataset2019Viegas Ochôa de Carvalho, P.A. (Pedro)
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