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2de Jong, M.F. (Femke)
2de Steur, L. (Laura)
1Agosta, C. (Cécile)
1Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
1Champollion, N. (Nicolas)
1Church, J.A. (John)
1Fettweis, X. (Xavier)
1Geerken, E. (Esmee)
1Haigh, I.D. (Ivan)
1Ligtenberg, S.R.M. (Stefan)
1Maan, D.C. (Cynthia)
1Marzeion, B. (Ben)
1Melet, A. (Angelique)
1Meyssignac, B. (Benoit)
1Muis, S. (Sanne)
1Palmer, M.D. (Matthew)
1Qin Zhu, Q (Qin)
1Richter, K. (Kristin)
1Roberts, C.D. (Christopher)
1Slangen, A.B.A. (Aimee)
1Spada, G. (Giorgio)
1Zhu, Z. (Zhenchang)
1de Nooijer, L.J. (Lennart)
1van Belzen, J. (Jim)
1van de Koppel, J. (Johan)
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3Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
1Atmospheric Sciences
1Other Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences
7 General collection of datasets
1Datasets of dissertations
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Morphodynamics Fringing FlatDataset2018Maan, D.C. (Cynthia)
Time-series of monthly mean steric sea levelsDataset2018Haigh, I.D. (Ivan); Muis, S. (Sanne)
Vegetation recovery on neighboring tidal flats forms an Achilles’ heel of tidal marsh resilience to sea level riseDataset2018Zhu, Z. (Zhenchang); van Belzen, J. (Jim); Qin Zhu, Q (Qin); van de Koppel, J. (Johan); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
High-resolution current meter and hydrographic data from the Irminger Current mooring array 2014-2015Dataset2018de Steur, L. (Laura); de Jong, M.F. (Femke)
High-resolution current meter and hydrographic data from the Irminger Current mooring array 2015-2016Dataset2018de Steur, L. (Laura); de Jong, M.F. (Femke)
Dataset for "Evaluating model simulations of 20th century sea-level rise. Part 1: global mean sea-level change"Dataset2018Slangen, A.B.A. (Aimee); Meyssignac, B. (Benoit); Agosta, C. (Cécile); Champollion, N. (Nicolas); Church, J.A. (John); Fettweis, X. (Xavier); Ligtenberg, S.R.M. (Stefan); Marzeion, B. (Ben); Melet, A. (Angelique); Palmer, M.D. (Matthew); Richter, K. (Kristin); Roberts, C.D. (Christopher); Spada, G. (Giorgio)
Salinity ExperimentDataset2018Geerken, E. (Esmee)
Data presented in the paper "In situ incubation of a coral patch for assessment of carbonate system dynamics"Dataset2018de Nooijer, L.J. (Lennart)