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2Benes, N.E. (Nieck)
2Kouwenhoven, L.P. (Leo)
2Tempelman, K. (Kristianne)
1Antonisse, S.J. (Stijn)
1Bakkers, E.P.A.M. (Erik)
1Benneker, A.M. (Anne)
1Borsoi, F. (Francesco)
1Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
1Bouman, D. (Daniël)
1Cabrall, C.D.D. (Christopher)
1Cao, K. (Kun)
1Car, D. (Diana)
1Cassidy, M.C. (Maja)
1Cornacchia, L. (Loreta)
1Cuperus, F.P. (Petrus)
1Davies, G. (Grieg)
1Derckx, E.G.H. (Ernest)
1Eijkel, J.C.T. (Jan)
1Folkard, A.M. (Andrew)
2Condensed Matter Physics
2Quantum Physics
2Physical Chemistry (incl. Structural)
2Electrical and Electronic Engineering
1Atomic, Molecular, Nuclear, Particle and Plasma Physics
1Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry
1Atmospheric Sciences
1Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
1Computer Software
1Biomedical Engineering
1Civil Engineering
1Environmental Engineering
1Manufacturing Engineering
1Materials Engineering
15 General collection of datasets
3Datasets of dissertations
1Datasets of master theses
1Datasets of projects
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Data presented in the paper “Plants face the flow in V-formation: a study of plant patch alignment in streams”Dataset2018Cornacchia, L. (Loreta); Folkard, A.M. (Andrew); Davies, G. (Grieg); Grabowski, R. (Robert); van de Koppel, J. (Johan); van der Wal, D. (Daphne); Wharton, G. (Geraldene); Puijalon, S. (Sara); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
Non-Destructive Detection of Local Aging in Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells by Multi-Directional Laser ScanningDataset2018Sturm, J. (Johannes)
Supplementary files of pneumatic devices for Handbook of Robotic and Image-guided SurgeryDataset2018Groenhuis, V. (Vincent)
Morphodynamics Fringing FlatDataset2018Maan, D.C. (Cynthia)
Field compatible circuit quantum electrodynamics with graphene Josephson junctionsDataset2018Kroll, J.G. (James); Uilhoorn, W. (Willemijn); Van der Enden, K.L. (Kian); de Jong, D.; Watanabe, K. (Kenji); Taniguchi, T. (Takashi); Goswami, S. (Srijit); Cassidy, M.C. (Maja); Kouwenhoven, L.P. (Leo)
Swelling of 9 polymers commonly employed for organic solvent nanofiltration: a comprehensive datasetDataset2018Kappert, E.J. (Emiel); Raaijmakers, M.J.T. (Michiel); Tempelman, K. (Kristianne); Ogieglo, W. (Wojciech); Cuperus, F.P. (Petrus); Benes, N.E. (Nieck)
Dataset underlying the paper: Parity transitions in the superconducting ground state of hybrid InSb-Al Coulomb islandsDataset2018Shen, J. (Jie); Heedt, S. (Sebastian); Borsoi, F. (Francesco); van Heck, B. (Bernard); Gazibegovic, S. (Sasa); op het Veld, R.L.M. (Roy); Car, D. (Diana); Logan, J.A. (John); Pendharkar, M. (Mihir); Ramakers, S.J.J. (Senja); Wang, G. (Guanzhong); Xu, D. (Di); Bouman, D. (Daniël); Geresdi, A. (Attila); Palmstrom, C.J. (Chris); Bakkers, E.P.A.M. (Erik); Kouwenhoven, L.P. (Leo)
Data belonging to the thesis: Corpora Non Agunt Nisi Fixata: Ligand Receptor Binding Kinetics in G Protein-Coupled Receptors.Dataset2018Xia, L. (Lizi)
Hyper-cross-linked thin polydimethylsiloxane filmsDataset2018Tempelman, K. (Kristianne); Maaskant, E. (Evelien); Benes, N.E. (Nieck)
Structure dependence of molecular reactions on surfacesDataset2018Cao, K. (Kun)
Power handling and vapor shielding of pre-filled lithium divertor targetsDataset2018Rindt, P. (Peter)
Data from: Reconstructing lateral migration rates in meandering systems - a novel Bayesian approach combining OSL dating and historical mapsDataset2018Quik, C. (Cindy); Wallinga, J. (Jakob)
Data and algorithms underlying "Hydrological interpretation of a statistical measure of basin complexity"Dataset2018Pande, S. (Saket); Moayeri, M. (Mehdi)
Supplementary data for the article: Cyclists’ eye movements and crossing judgments at uncontrolled intersections: An eye-tracking study using animated video clipsDataset2018Kovácsová, N. (Natália); Cabrall, C.D.D. (Christopher); Antonisse, S.J. (Stijn); de Haan, T. (Taeke); van Namen, R. (Rick); Nooren, J.L. (Jochen); Schreurs, R. (Rutgers); Hagenzieker, M.P. (Marjan); de Winter, J.C.F. (Joost)
Enhanced ion transport using geometrically structured charge selective interfacesDataset2018Benneker, A.M. (Anne); Gumuscu, B. (Burcu); Derckx, E.G.H. (Ernest); Lammertink, R.G.H. (Rob); Eijkel, J.C.T. (Jan); Wood, J.A. (Jeffery)
Hydraulic load reduction as a function of depth in a filter layer consisting of logsDataset2018Rubaij Bouman, R.M. (Roland)
The Effects of Change Decomposition on Code Review - A Controlled Experiment - Online appendixDataset2018di Biase, M. (Marco)
A Statistical Model Checker for Nondeterminism and Rare Events (Artifact)Dataset2018Hartmanns, A. (Arnd)
Governance of the Integrated North Sea Offshore Grid: Simulation of Expansion Planning Constraints - Discount Rate AnalysisDataset2018Gorenstein Dedecca, J. (João); Hakvoort, R.A. (Rudi); Herder, P.M. (Paulien)
Input parameters for hydrological model W3RA and wflow routingDataset2018van Dijk, A.I.J.M. (Albert)