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2Kleinherenbrink, M. (Marcel)
2Riva, R. (Riccardo)
1Frederikse, T. (Thomas)
1Tangdamrongsub, N. (Natthachet)
2Geomatic Engineering
1Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
2 General collection of datasets
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Data underlying the paper: A data-driven model for constraint of present-day glacial isostatic adjustment in North AmericaDataset2018Simon, K.M. (Karen); Riva, R. (Riccardo); Kleinherenbrink, M. (Marcel); Tangdamrongsub, N. (Natthachet)
The glacial isostatic adjustment signal at present-day in northern Europe and the British Isles estimated from geodetic observations and geophysical modelsDataset2018Simon, K.M. (Karen); Riva, R. (Riccardo); Kleinherenbrink, M. (Marcel); Frederikse, T. (Thomas)