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3Lekidis, A. (Alexios)
2Etalle, S. (Sandro)
1Albers, J. (Janna)
1Augusto, A. (Adriano)
1Bemthuis, R.H. (Rob)
1Bukhsh, F.A. (Faiza)
1Conforti, R. (Raffaele)
1Davis-Owusu, K. A. (Kadian)
1De Clercq, G. K. (Koen)
1Dietrich, A. (André)
1Dumas, M. (Marlon)
1Dupont, G. (Guilaume)
1Dupont, G.F.I. (Guillaume)
1Fuentes, R. (Ricardo)
1Gürses, S.S. (Sergin)
1Happee, R. (Riender)
1Heikoop, D.D. (Daniel)
1Hoffman, W.F.C. (Wouter)
1Iacob, M.E. (Maria-Eugenia)
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4Communications Technologies
3Automotive Engineering
2Computation Theory and Mathematics
2Data Format
2Other Information and Computing Sciences
2Business and Management
2Ground Transport
1Other Earth Sciences
1Environmental Science and Management
1Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
1Distributed Computing
1Library and Information Studies
1Nutrition and Dietetics
1Public Health and Health Services
1Other Economics
1Policy and Administration
1Other Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
1Computer Software and Services
1Information Services
13 General collection of datasets
2IEEE Task Force on Process Mining - Event Logs
1Datasets of dissertations
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Appendices to meta-analysis on Human-Machine Interfaces in automated driving systemsDataset2019Heikoop, D.D. (Daniel); Gürses, S.S. (Sergin)
Data and scripts used in the paper: Moving from drought hazard to impact forecastsDataset2019Sutanto, S. (Samuel); van der Weert, M. (Melati)
Qualitative coding of 12 semi-structure interviews on food behaviour context and food reporting engagementDataset2019Romero Herrera, N. (Natalia); Davis-Owusu, K. A. (Kadian); van Oers, S. (Sonja); Albers, J. (Janna); de van der Schueren, M.A.E. (Marian)
Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus Intrusion Dataset v2Dataset2019Dupont, G. (Guilaume); Lekidis, A. (Alexios); den Hartog, J. (Jerry); Etalle, S. (Sandro)
Data underlying the publication: Model-based simulation and threat analysis of in-vehicle networksDataset2019Lekidis, A. (Alexios)
Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus Intrusion DatasetDataset2019Dupont, G.F.I. (Guillaume); Lekidis, A. (Alexios); den Hartog, J.I. (Jerry); Etalle, S. (Sandro)
Real-world VRP benchmark data with realistic constraints - input data and results - v2Dataset2019Žunić, E. (Emir)
Self-adaptive Executors for Big Data ProcessingDataset2019Omranian Khorasani, S. (Sobhan)
Channel state information (WiFi traces) for 6 activitiesDataset2019Klein Brinke, J. (Jeroen)
Data underlying the paper: An agent-based process mining architecture for emergent behavior analysisDataset2019Bemthuis, R.H. (Rob); Koot, M. (Martijn); Mes, M.R.K. (Martijn); Bukhsh, F.A. (Faiza); Iacob, M.E. (Maria-Eugenia); Meratnia, N. (Nirvana)
Data underlying the research on Motivation perspectives of citizens of the municipality of Delft with regard to open data as a means to improve policy and decision-makingDataset2019van den Boogert, R.J. (Mirjam)
Data underlying the research of Adoption of Cyber Insurance Among Dutch SMEsDataset2019Labunets, K. (Katsiaryna); Martinez Bustamante, I. (Inés)
Data underlying the paper: Automated Discovery of Process Models from Event Logs: Review and BenchmarkDataset2019Augusto, A. (Adriano); Conforti, R. (Raffaele); Dumas, M. (Marlon); La Rosa, M. (Marcello); Maggi, F.M. (Fabrizio Maria); Marrella, A. (Andrea); Mecella, M. (Massimo); Soo, A. (Allar)
Public Benchmark Dataset for Testing rPPG Algorithm PerformanceDataset2019Hoffman, W.F.C. (Wouter); Lakens, D. (Daniël)
Supplementary data for the article: External human-machine interfaces on automated vehicles: Effects on pedestrian crossing decisions.Dataset2019de Winter, J.C.F. (Joost); De Clercq, G. K. (Koen); Dietrich, A. (André); Núñez Velasco, J. P. (Pablo); Happee, R. (Riender)
Conformance Checking Challenge 2019 (CCC19)Dataset2019Munoz-Gama, J. (Jorge); de la Fuente, R. (Rene); Sepúlveda, M. (Marcos); Fuentes, R. (Ricardo)