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263Gatidis, C.(Christos)
263Russchenberg, H.W.J.(Herman)
263Unal, C.M.H.(Christine)
19de Winter, J.C.F. (Joost)
7Viegas Ochôa de Carvalho, P.A. (Pedro)
5Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
5Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul)
5Dicker, G. (Sjors)
5Dodou, D. (Dimitra)
5Taneja, P. (Poonam)
5van Koningsveld, M. (Mark)
4Happee, R. (Riender)
4Muis, S. (Sanne)
4Neerincx, M.A. (Mark)
4Sciacchitano, A. (Andrea)
3Bazilinskyy, P. (Pavlo)
276Climate and Climate Change
272Atmospheric Sciences
266Atmosphere and Weather
265Geomatic Engineering
33Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
25Environmental Science and Management
23Civil Engineering
19Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
18Aerospace Engineering
17Information Systems
16Other Earth Sciences
14Materials Engineering
14Mechanical Engineering
14Ground Transport
263Atmospheric observations IDRA, Cabauw
245 General collection of datasets
45Datasets of dissertations
18Datasets of master theses
11Hondsbossche Dunes
10Datasets of projects
3Datasets for evaluating FastqPuri and other RNA sequencing pre-processing tools.
3IEEE Task Force on Process Mining - Event Logs
2Datasets of conferences
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Data underlying the research on: Seasonal variations in N2O emissions in a subtropical forest with exogenous nitrogen enrichment are predominately influenced by the abundances of soil nitrifiers and denitrifiersDataset2019Han, X.G. (Xiaoge); Shen, W.J. (Weijun)
Matlab code to generate Artificial fractal riverbeds.Dataset2019Lee, A. (Anzy)
Supporting Information for [Neoarchean synmagmatic crustal extrusion in the transpressional Yilgarn Orogen]Dataset2019Zibra, I. (Ivan); Weinberg, R.F. (Roberto); Peternell, M. (Mark)
Very low frequency (VLF) data obtained from Navigational Transmitters used to model the D region ionosphere.Dataset2019Kumar, A. (Abhikesh); Kumar, S. (Sushil)
Real-world sales forecasting benchmark dataDataset2019Žunić, E. (Emir)
Supplementary data to the article: Patch-based multiscale algorithm for flow and reactive transport in fracture-microcrack systems in shalesDataset2019Wang, Z. (Ziyan)
Supplementary Code for "Response-Based Reliability Contours for Complex Marine Structures Considering Short and Long-Term Variability"Dataset2019Seyffert, H.C. (Harleigh)
Data accompanying the article: "Analytical model captures intratidal variation in salinity in a convergent, well-mixed estuary"Dataset2019Xu, Y. (Yanwen)
A collection of speech samples to develop a verbal calculatorDataset2019Pani Prithvi Raj
Localization microscopy at doubled precision with patterned illuminationDataset2019Cnossen, J. (Jelmer); Hinsdale, T. (Taylor); Thorsen, R.Ø. (Rasmus); Siemons, M. (Marijn); Schueder, F. (Florian); Jungmann, R. (Ralf); Smith, C.S. (Carlas); Rieger, B. (Bernd); Stallinga, S. (Sjoerd)
Data underlying the article: Heterogeneous Pd catalysts as emulsifiers in Pickering emulsions for integrated multistep synthesis in flow chemistryDataset2019Hiebler, K. (Katharina)
Data underlying the article: Multistep synthesis of a valsartan precursor in continuous flowDataset2019Hiebler, K. (Katharina)
Supplementary data on the research of Satellite-Terrestrial Channel Characterisation in High-Speed Railway Environment at 22.6 GHzDataset2019Ma, L. (Lei)
An electroseismic dataset obtained by using the ATS GeoSuite set of technology.Dataset2019Salvanus Yevalla, G.M. (Gah-Muti)
Data underlying the article: A Revised Modular Approach to (–)-trans-Δ8-THC and Derivatives Through Late-Stage Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-Coupling ReactionsDataset2019R.L.J. Bloemendal, R.L.J. (Victor); Sondag, D. (Daan); Elferink, H. (Hidde); Boltje, T.J. (Thomas); van Hest, J.C.M. (Jan); Rutjes, F.P.J.T. (Floris)
The effect of a shallow vegetated foreshore on infragravity waves: A study with SWASHDataset2019Feys, C.J.M. (Charles)
Supplementary data related to the reseach on Vertical Diversification of Methane Production Pathways in Freshwater Sediments of Reservoirs. Case Nielisz Reservoir, PolandDataset2019Gruca-Rokosz, R. (Renata)
Data underlying the article: Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Sialic Acid Derivatives Using Immobilized N-Acetylneuraminate Lyase in a Continuous Flow ReactorDataset2019Bloemendal, V.R.L.J. (Victor); Moons, S.J. (Sam); Heming, J.J.A. (Jurriaan); Chayoua, M. (Mohamed); Niesink, O. (Olaf); van Hest, J.C.M. (Jan); Boltje, T.J. (Thomas); Rutjes, F.P.J.T. (Floris)
Real-world VRP benchmark data with realistic constraints - input data and results - v2Dataset2019Žunić, E. (Emir)
Supplementary data to the paper: Surgery as a viable alternative first-line treatment for prolactinoma patients. A systematic review and meta-analysis.Dataset2019Zamanipoor Najafabadi, A.H. (Amir H)
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