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745Reinoso Rondinel, R.R.(Ricardo)
745Russchenberg, H.W.J.(Herman)
745Unal, C.M.H.(Christine)
14Slinger, J.H. (Jill)
6Hoevenaars, A.G.L. (Teun)
6van Dongen, B.F. (Boudewijn)
4Wandl, A. (Alexander)
4van der Hoeven, F. (Frank)
3Tauro, F. (Flavia)
2Berezowski, T. (Tomasz)
2Beril Sirmacek
2Coenders-Gerrits, A.M.J. (Miriam)
2Kardel, I. (Ignacy)
2Lammertink, R.G.H. (Rob)
2Molijn, R.A. (Ramses)
2Piniewski, M. (Mikołaj)
754Geomatic Engineering
748Atmospheric Sciences
745Atmosphere and Weather
745Climate and Climate Change
24Civil Engineering
14Other Built Environment and Design
9Business and Management
8Information Systems
8Urban and Regional Planning
7Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
5Electrical and Electronic Engineering
4Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
4Public Health and Health Services
3Mechanical Engineering
3Interdisciplinary Engineering
745Atmospheric observations IDRA, Cabauw
50 General collection of datasets
13Datasets of master theses
10IEEE Task Force on Process Mining - Event Logs
8Datasets of dissertations
2Datasets of projects
1Datasets of conferences
1Fieldwork Hydraulic Engineering
1Zandmotor data
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Monocular obstacle avoidance with persistent Self-Supervised LearningDataset2015van Hecke, K.G. (Kevin)
Single-molecule protein sequencing through fingerprinting: computational assessmentDataset2015Yao, Y. (Yao); Docter, M.W. (Margreet); Van Ginkel, H.G.T.M (Jetty); de Ridder, D. (Dick); Joo, C. (Chirlmin)
Dynamics of microvortices induced by ion concentration polarizationDataset2015de Valença, J.C. (Joeri); Wagterveld, R.M. (Martijn); Lammertink, R.G.H. (Rob); Tsai, P.A. (Peichun Amy)
The Graetz–Nusselt problem extended to continuum flows with finite slipDataset2015Haase, A.S. (Sander); Chapman, S.J. (Jonathan); Tsai, P.A. (Peichun Amy); Lohse, D. (Detlef); Lammertink, R.G.H. (Rob)
Land cover ground reference data in São Paulo state, Brazil, taken in 2015Dataset2015Molijn, R.A. (Ramses)
Gauge-cam videos of river flow of the Tiber river - part 2Dataset2015Tauro, F. (Flavia)
Gauge-cam videos of river flow of the Tiber riverDataset2015Tauro, F. (Flavia)
Stability of Single Layer Cubes on Breakwater Rear SlopeDataset2015Hellinga, L.B. (Lisette)
Sugarcane ground reference data over four fields in São Paulo state, Brazil, taken in 2014 and 2015Dataset2015Molijn, R.A. (Ramses)
EMP and LA-ICP-MS analysis of clinopyroxene and olivine crystals from the activity of Mt. Somma-VesuviusDataset2015Redi D. (Daniele)
Thermal energy balance model of a fiber-optic cable; data from a shallow urban pond, DelftDataset2015Hilgersom, K.P. (Koen); Berghuijs, W. R. (Wouter); Solcerova, A. (Anna); van Emmerik, T.H.M. (Tim)
Modeling Flow in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Effect of Fracture Aperture Distribution on Dominant Sub-Network for FlowDataset2015Gong, J. (Jiakun); Rossen, W.R. (William)
Hotterdam Vulnerability ClusterDataset2015Wandl, A. (Alexander); van der Hoeven, F. (Frank)
Hotterdam Physical Heat MapDataset2015Wandl, A. (Alexander); van der Hoeven, F. (Frank)
Hotterdam physical characteristicsDataset2015Wandl, A. (Alexander); van der Hoeven, F. (Frank)
Hotterdam: Urban heat in Rotterdam and health effectsDataset2015Wandl, A. (Alexander); van der Hoeven, F. (Frank)
Forest related variables covering all of Bolivia in a 10x10 km gridDataset2015Andersen, L. (Lykke)
Stream restoration and sanitary infrastructure alter sources and fluxes of water, carbon, and nutrients in urban watersheds - synthesis fileDataset2015Pennino, M.J. (Michael )
Wrench Measurements on a Spatial, Passive, 2-DoF Parallel Mechanism with Two End-EffectorsDataset2015Hoevenaars, A.G.L. (Teun)
Wrench Measurements on a Planar, Passive, 4-DoF Parallel Mechanism with Two End-EffectorsDataset2015Hoevenaars, A.G.L. (Teun)
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