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4Zuiderwijk, A.M.G. (Anneke)
2Dunning, A.C. (Alastair)
2Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (Marijn)
2Purwanto, A. (Arie)
2de Smaele, M.M.E. (Madeleine)
1Böhmer, J.K. (Jasmin)
1Ciang, D. (Darli)
1Hablé, J.J. (Jesse)
1Januar, R. (Rizky)
1Kisoentewari, A.M.K. (Anish)
1Kroesen, M. (Maarten)
1Lu, H. (Haiyan)
1Nijssen, T. (Tobias)
1Romer, M. (Martine)
1Schoots, S.P. (Fieke)
1Versteeg, A. (Anke)
1Volten, C.J. (Cécile)
1de Jong, R.M. (Rutger)
1van Selm, M. (Mariëtte)
1van den Boogert, R.J. (Mirjam)
1van den Hoogen, H.J.M. (Henk)
1van der Kuil, A. (Annemiek)
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8Information Systems
6Library and Information Studies
4Data Format
1Business and Management
1Information Services
1Government and Politics
9 General collection of datasets
3Datasets of master theses
2Datasets of conferences
1Datasets of dissertations
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Stakeholder Perception Municipal Open Government data ecosystemDataset2019Hablé, J.J. (Jesse)
Data underlying the research on Motivation perspectives of citizens of the municipality of Delft with regard to open data as a means to improve policy and decision-makingDataset2019van den Boogert, R.J. (Mirjam)
Crosstabulation of Roles and Reasons for Participating in Open Data Hackathons (FarmHack)Dataset2019Purwanto, A. (Arie); Zuiderwijk, A.M.G. (Anneke); Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (Marijn)
Survey Data and its Analysis of the Reasons for Participating in Open Data HackathonsDataset2019Purwanto, A. (Arie); Zuiderwijk, A.M.G. (Anneke); Janssen, M.F.W.H.A. (Marijn)
Supplementary dataset to master thesis: Measuring citizen preferences for the Dutch Open Education Data PolicyDataset2018Ciang, D. (Darli)
Motivation perspectives Open DataDataset2018Volten, C.J. (Cécile)
System Dynamics Model for FEW (Food-Energy-Water) Nexus in the NetherlandsDataset2018Januar, R. (Rizky)
Open Access stated choice dataDataset2018Kisoentewari, A.M.K. (Anish)
City Branding Evolution in China in Pearl River Delta 2000-2015Dataset2018Lu, H. (Haiyan)
Preferences of TBM academic researchers concerning packages of stimuli and support measures for encouraging 'accessible' data publishingDataset2018Nijssen, T. (Tobias)
Inventory of RDM policy for a selection of academic publishers and journals in 2016Dataset2017de Jong, R.M. (Rutger); van den Hoogen, H.J.M. (Henk); Schoots, S.P. (Fieke); van Selm, M. (Mariëtte); de Smaele, M.M.E. (Madeleine)
OPEN DATA INFRASTRUCTURES: The design of an infrastructure to enhance the coordination of open data useDataset2017Zuiderwijk, A.M.G. (Anneke)
Perspectives of residents on the open data policy of the municipality of Delft, the NetherlandsDataset2017Romer, M. (Martine); Zuiderwijk, A.M.G. (Anneke); Kroesen, M. (Maarten)
Evaluation of data repositories based on the FAIR Principles for IDCC 2017 practice paperDataset2017Dunning, A.C. (Alastair); de Smaele, M.M.E. (Madeleine); Böhmer, J.K. (Jasmin)
Motivations for Sharing Research Data at Delft University of Technology.Dataset2016Versteeg, A. (Anke); van der Kuil, A. (Annemiek); Dunning, A.C. (Alastair)