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4Rozen, D.E. (Daniel)
4Wang, Y. (Yin)
2Thieltges, D.W. (David)
2van Donk, S.C. (Susanne)
2van de Koppel, J. (Johan)
1Bertolini, C. (Camilla)
1Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
1Capelle, J.J. (Jacob)
1Cardoso, J.F.M.F. (Joana)
1Derksen, G.C.H. (Dorien)
1Freitas, V. (Vânia)
1Goedknegt, M. A. (Anouk)
1Growns, I. (Ivor)
1Ibrahim, M. (Muhammad)
1Jacobs, C.G.C. (Chris)
1Kamiya, T. (Tsukushi)
1Liddell, C. (Caroline)
1Nieuwhof, S. (Sil)
1O’Dwyer, K. (Katie)
1Poiesz, S.S.H. (Suzanne)
1Senior, A. M. (Alistair)
1Timmermans, K. (Klaas)
1Vilcinskas, A. (Andreas)
1Vogel, H. (Heiko)
1Welsh, J. (Jennifer)
1Witte, J.I.J. (Johannes)
1de Paoli, H. (Hélène)
1de Vries, A. (Anne)
1van Belzen, J. (Jim)
1van der Meer, J. (Jaap)
1van der Meer, Y. (Yvonne)
1van der Veer, H.W. (Henk)
1van der Zee, M. (Maurijn)
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2Animal Production
1Biochemistry and Cell Biology
1Environmental Biotechnology
1Fisheries - Wild Caught
1Other Animal Production and Animal Primary Products
10 General collection of datasets
5Datasets of dissertations
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Data presented in the paper "Timing it right: Non-consumptive effects on prey recruitment magnify overtime"Dataset2019Bertolini, C. (Camilla); Capelle, J.J. (Jacob); Timmermans, K. (Klaas); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd); van de Koppel, J. (Johan); Derksen, G.C.H. (Dorien)
Data presented in the paper "Parasites and stable isotopes: a comparative analysis of isotopic discrimination in parasitic trophic interactions"Dataset2019Thieltges, D.W. (David); Goedknegt, M. A. (Anouk); O’Dwyer, K. (Katie); Senior, A. M. (Alistair); Kamiya, T. (Tsukushi)
Small wetland mesocosm dataDataset2019Growns, I. (Ivor)
GPS data of Herring Gulls for analysis of the relationship between site fidelity and time-activity budgetsDataset2018van Donk, S.C. (Susanne)
Data presented in the paper "A comparison of growth in two juvenile flatfish species in the Dutch Wadden Sea: searching for a mechanism for summer growth reduction in flatfish nurseries"Dataset2018Poiesz, S.S.H. (Suzanne); de Vries, A. (Anne); Cardoso, J.F.M.F. (Joana); Witte, J.I.J. (Johannes); van der Veer, H.W. (Henk); Freitas, V. (Vânia)
Data underlying the paper: Fitness effects and transmission of phoretic nematodes of the burying beetle, Nicrophorus vespilloides. Ecology and EvolutionDataset2018Wang, Y. (Yin); Rozen, D.E. (Daniel)
Data underlying the paper: Gut microbiota in the burying beetle, Nicrophorus vespilloides, provide colonization resistance against larval bacterial pathogensDataset2018Wang, Y. (Yin); Rozen, D.E. (Daniel)
Data underlying the paper: Gut Microbiota Colonization and Transmission in the Burying Beetle Nicrophorus vespilloides throughout DevelopmentDataset2018Wang, Y. (Yin); Rozen, D.E. (Daniel)
Data underlying the paper: Egg survival is reduced by grave-soil microbes in the carrion beetle, Nicrophorus vespilloidesDataset2018Wang, Y. (Yin); Jacobs, C.G.C. (Chris); Vogel, H. (Heiko); Vilcinskas, A. (Andreas); van der Zee, M. (Maurijn); Rozen, D.E. (Daniel)
Data presented in the Paper "Behavioral self-organization underlies the resilience of a coastal ecosystem” by De Paoli et al (PNAS 2017)Dataset2017van de Koppel, J. (Johan); de Paoli, H. (Hélène)
The effect of dose and frequency of exposure to infectious stages on trematode infection levels in musselsDataset2017Thieltges, D.W. (David); Liddell, C. (Caroline); Welsh, J. (Jennifer); van der Meer, J. (Jaap)
Data with "Shellfish reefs increase water storage capacity on intertidal flats over extensive spatial scales"Dataset2017Nieuwhof, S. (Sil); van Belzen, J. (Jim)
Tail and ear damage of pigs kept under different sanitary conditionsDataset2017van der Meer, Y. (Yvonne)
Development of an in vitro vascular network using zebrafish embryonic cellsDataset2017Ibrahim, M. (Muhammad)
Seabird reproduction and dietDataset2017van Donk, S.C. (Susanne)