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1Baptist, M. (Martin)
1Davidescu, S. (Serban)
1Elschot, K. (Kelly)
1Marin, M. (Mirabela)
1Mihalache, A. (Alin)
1Nicu Constantin, T. (Tudose)
1Ungurean, C. (Cezar)
1de Groot, A.V. (Alma)
1van Puijenbroek, M.E.B. (Marinka)
1van Regteren, M. (Marin)
Subject #2
1Environmental Engineering
1Environmentally Sustainable Information and Communication Services
1 General collection of datasets
1Datasets of projects
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Mud Motor Sedimentation Erosion bars datasetDataset2020van Puijenbroek, M.E.B. (Marinka); Baptist, M. (Martin); Elschot, K. (Kelly); van Regteren, M. (Marin); de Groot, A.V. (Alma)
Meteorological data collected at the Tarlung reservoir, located in the centre of RomaniaDataset2019Nicu Constantin, T. (Tudose); Ungurean, C. (Cezar); Marin, M. (Mirabela); Mihalache, A. (Alin); Davidescu, S. (Serban)