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2042Unal, C.M.H.(Christine)
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1112Luxemburg, W.M.J.(Wim)
875Otto, T.(Tobias)
756Yin, J.(Jiapeng)
725Westhoff, M.C.(Martijn)
387van den Dool, Cees-Anton
276Gatidis, C.(Christos)
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42Hoogendoorn, S.P.(Serge)
3016Atmospheric Sciences
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2932Climate and Climate Change
2919Atmosphere and Weather
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2914Atmospheric observations IDRA, Cabauw
2871DENlab wind and solar data
1243Darelux - River Environment Luxemburg
679 General collection of datasets
306Industrial estates and land use plans in the Netherlands
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68IEEE Task Force on Process Mining - Event Logs
42Traffic flow observations
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Supplementary material for the paper: How do driving modes affect the vehicle’s dynamic behaviour? Comparing Renault’s Multi-Sense Sport and Comfort modes during on-road naturalistic driving.Dataset2019Melman, T. (Timo); de Winter, J.C.F. (Joost); Abbink, D.A. (David)
Profile hidden Markov models trained on aligned KEGG Orthology sequences for enzyme annotationDataset2019Rodenburg, S.Y.A. (Sander)
Record of Spatial Variations of Effective Elastic Thickness and Internal Load Fraction of the Lithosphere in the Cascadia Subduction Zone RegionDataset2019Yu, C. (Chuanhai); Xu, M. (Min)
Supplementary materials for the article: How do drivers merge heavy goods vehicles onto freeways? A semi-structured interview unveiling needs for communication and support.Dataset2019Dreger, F.A. (Felix); De Winter, J.C.F. (Joost); Happee, R. (Riender)
Source code and dataset of dissertation ‘Wave propagation in mechanical metamaterials’Dataset2019Zhou, Y. (Yujie)
Data accompanying the publication "Fast two-qubit logic with holes in germanium"Dataset2019Hendrickx, N.W. (Nico); Franke, D.P. (David); Sammak, A. (Amir); Scappucci, G. (Giordano); Veldhorst, M. (Menno)
Statistical Tables of 10 Metro lines of Nanjing, ChinaDataset2019Gu, X. (Xiaoyan)
Data underlying the paper: Stable quantum dots in an InSb two-dimensional electron gasDataset2019Kulesh, I. (Ivan); Ke, C.-T. (Chung-Ting); Goswami, S. (Srijit); Thomas, C. (Candice); Karwal, S. (Saurabh); Moehle, C.M. (Christian); Metti, S. (Sara); Kallaher, R. (Ray); Gardner, G.C. (Geoffrey); Manfra, M.J. (Michael)
Supplementary materials for the article: Five-Point Likert Items: t test versus Mann-Whitney-WilcoxonDataset2019De Winter, J. C. F. (Joost); Dodou, D. (Dimitra)
Supplementary materials for the article: Factor recovery by principal axis factoring and maximum likelihood factor analysis as a function of factor pattern and sample size.Dataset2019De Winter, J.C.F. (Joost); Dodou, D. (Dimitra)
Videos of liquid-solid fluidisation experiments of calcite pellets and glass beads in waterDataset2019Kramer, O.J.I. (Onno)
Supplementary data of the report: Representing the Car-Following Behaviour of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Systems Using Parametric Car-Following ModelsDataset2019Blauw, M.H. (Mathieu)
Supplementary materials for the article: Exploratory factor analysis with small sample sizesDataset2019De Winter, J.C.F. (Joost); Dodou, D. (Dimitra)
WiseNET: Multi-camera datasetDataset2019Marroquin, R. (Roberto); Dubois, J. (Julien); Nicolle, C. (Christophe)
Data presented in the paper “High-resolution underway measurements of phytoplankton photosynthesis and abundance as innovative addition to water quality monitoring programs”Dataset2019Aardema, H.M. (Hedy); Rijkeboer, M. (Machteld); Lefebvre, A. (Alain); Veen, A. (Arnold); Kromkamp, J.C. (Jacco)
The peat α-cellulose δ13C record from and chronology of core ATM10-C7 in southern Altai MountainsDataset2019Rao, Z. (Zhiguo)
A Modest Markov Automata Tutorial (Artifact)Dataset2019Hartmanns, A. (Arnd)
Data underlying the research on: Cell Chromatography-Based Screening of the Active Components in Buyang Huanwu Decoction Promoting Axonal RegenerationDataset2019Wang, L. (Lisheng)
Ports and Waterways Design videos -Planning and Design of Port Water AreasDataset2019Lansen, J. (Joost); Taneja, P. (Poonam); van Koningsveld, M. (Mark)
Data underlying the research on: Calycosin-7-O-β-D-glucoside attenuates OGD/R-induced damage by preventing oxidative stress and neuronal apoptosis via the SIRT1/FOXO1/PGC-1α pathway in HT22 cellsDataset2019Wang, L. (Lisheng)
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