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3Item with a doi
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3Teixeira de Freitas, S. (Sofia)
2Lopes Fernandes, R. (Romina)
2Zarouchas, D. (Dimitrios)
1Budzik, M.K. (Michal)
1Camanho, P.P. (Pedro)
1Kupski, J.A. (Julian)
1Poulis, J.A. (Johannes)
1Wang, W. (Wandong)
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2Mechanical Engineering
2Datasets of dissertations
1 General collection of datasets
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Supplementary data for the paper: How pure mode I can be obtained in bi-material bonded DCB joints: a longitudinal strain-based criterionDataset2019Lopes Fernandes, R. (Romina); Wang, W. (Wandong); Teixeira de Freitas, S. (Sofia); Zarouchas, D. (Dimitrios); Benedictus, R. (Rinze)
From thin to extra-thick adhesive layer thicknesses: fracture of bonded joints under mode I loading conditionsDataset2019Lopes Fernandes, R. (Romina); Teixeira de Freitas, S. (Sofia); Budzik, M.K. (Michal); Poulis, J.A. (Johannes); Benedictus, R. (Rinze)
Data underlying the article: Composite layup effect on the failure mechanism of single lap bonded jointsDataset2019Kupski, J.A. (Julian); Teixeira de Freitas, S. (Sofia); Zarouchas, D. (Dimitrios); Benedictus, R. (Rinze); Camanho, P.P. (Pedro)