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Creator #4
1Franke, D.P. (David)
1Hendrickx, N.W. (Nico)
1Kouwenhoven, M. (Max)
1Sabbagh, D. (Diego)
1Scappucci, G. (Giordano)
1Tagliaferri, M.L.V. (Marco)
1Veldhorst, M. (Menno)
1Virgilio, M. (Michele)
1Yeoh, L.A. (Lareine)
Subject #2
1Condensed Matter Physics
1 General collection of datasets
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Data accompanying the publication "Gate-controlled quantum dots and superconductivity in planar germanium"Dataset2018Hendrickx, N.W. (Nico); Franke, D.P. (David); Sammak, A. (Amir); Kouwenhoven, M. (Max); Sabbagh, D. (Diego); Yeoh, L.A. (Lareine); Li, R. (Ruoyi); Tagliaferri, M.L.V. (Marco); Virgilio, M. (Michele); Capellini, G. (Giovanni); Scappucci, G. (Giordano); Veldhorst, M. (Menno)