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2913Russchenberg, H.W.J.(Herman)
2042Unal, C.M.H.(Christine)
1239Reinoso Rondinel, R.R.(Ricardo)
1112Luxemburg, W.M.J.(Wim)
875Otto, T.(Tobias)
756Yin, J.(Jiapeng)
725Westhoff, M.C.(Martijn)
387van den Dool, Cees-Anton
276Gatidis, C.(Christos)
55Gerrits, A.M.J.(Miriam)
42Hoogendoorn, S.P.(Serge)
3011Atmospheric Sciences
2936Geomatic Engineering
2926Climate and Climate Change
2918Atmosphere and Weather
1344Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
180Civil Engineering
83Information Systems
69Urban and Regional Planning
68Business and Management
65Interdisciplinary Engineering
2914Atmospheric observations IDRA, Cabauw
2871DENlab wind and solar data
1243Darelux - River Environment Luxemburg
588 General collection of datasets
306Industrial estates and land use plans in the Netherlands
156Datasets of dissertations
144Datasets of master theses
68IEEE Task Force on Process Mining - Event Logs
42Traffic flow observations
37Datasets of projects
25STP algorithms and instances of networks
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Non-conventional Fibre Metal Laminate Crack Growth DataDataset2019van Maris, R.F.H. (Rutger)
Pelargonium geometric morphometric dataDataset2019van de Kerke, S.J. (Sara)
Data of HIV treatment failure in the presence of Transmitted Drug Resistance Mutation strains using a Bayesian model.Dataset2019Haankuku, U.N. (Urban)
Comparisons of assessing boar semen quality by WST-8 assay, flow cytometry (FC) and Computer-Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA)Dataset2019Lin, H.-L. (Hsiu-Lien)
The dynamic response of the bicycle rider's body to vertical, fore-and-aft and lateral perturbationsDataset2019Dialynas, G. (Georgios); de Haan, J.W. (Jelle); Schouten, A.C. (Alfred); Happee, R. (Riender); Schwab, A.L. (Arend)
Rainfall observations datasets from Personal Weather StationsDataset2019de Vos, L.W. (Lotte)
Data underlying the study into the housing capacity of the inhabitants of Mount ElgonDataset2019Smits, M.W.M. (Michiel)
Supporting data for finite-element simulations of ultrasonic guided wave propagation on a plate with a permanently corrugated shapeDataset2019Viegas Ochôa de Carvalho, P.A. (Pedro)
Acoustic, mechanical, and microstructure data used in: Coda-Wave Based Monitoring of Pore-Pressure Depletion-driven Compaction of Slochteren Sandstone Samples from the Groningen Gas FieldDataset2019Zotz-Wilson, R.D. (Rueben)
Supplementary data for the article: Continuous auditory feedback on the status of adaptive cruise control, lane deviation, and time headway.Dataset2019Bazilinskyy, P. (Pavlo); Larsson, P. (Pontus); Johansson, E. (Emma); De Winter, J. C. F. (Joost)
Catcher, artifact of the paper: “Effective and Efficient API Misuse Detection via Exception Propagation and Search-based Testing”.Dataset2019Devroey, X.D.M. (Xavier); Kechagia, M. (Maria); Panichella, A. (Annibale); Gousios, G. (Georgios); van Deursen, A. (Arie)
Crossed Andreev Reflection in InSb flake Josephson JunctionsDataset2019de Vries, F.K. (Folkert); Sol, M.L. (Martijn); Gazibegovic, S. (Sasa); op het Veld, R.L.M. (Roy); Balk, S.C. (Stijn); Car, D. (Diana); Bakkers, E.P.A.M. (Erik); Kouwenhoven, L. P. (Leo); Shen, J. (Jie)
Supplementary data for the article: Cycling Skill Inventory: Assessment of motor-tactical skills and safety motivesDataset2019De Winter, J.C.F. (Joost); Kovácsová, N. (Natália); Hagenzieker, M.P (Marjan)
Suitability of physicochemical models for embedded systems regarding a nickel-rich, silicon-graphite lithium-ion battery - DatasetDataset2019Sturm, J. (Johannes)
Data underlying the research on Motivation perspectives of citizens of the municipality of Delft with regard to open data as a means to improve policy and decision-makingDataset2019van den Boogert, R.J. (Mirjam)
Data underlying the article: Indium as a high cooling power nuclear refrigerant for quantum nanoelectronicsDataset2019Yurttagül, N. (Nikolai); Sarsby, M. (Matthew); Geresdi, A. (Attila)
Data underlying the research on "Comprehensibility of Tabular and Graphical Risk Model Representations: Results of Two Controlled Experiments"Dataset2019Labunets, K. (Katsiaryna)
Data from: Quantitative visual soil observation for visual soil evaluation on dairy farmsDataset2019van Leeuwen, M.W.J. (Maricke); Schols, A.M. (Anne); Quik, C. (Cindy)
Meteorological information from Romanian newspapers of the 19th century (ROMETNEWS19)Dataset2019Cheval, S. (Sorin); Haliuc, A. (Aritina); Antonescu, B. (Bogdan); Tișcovschi, A. (Adrian); Dobre, M. (Mihaela); Tătui, F. (Florin); Dumitrescu, A. (Alexandru); Manea, A. (Ancuta); Tudorache, G. (George); Irimescu, A. (Anisoara); Birsan, M-V. (Marius-Victor); Mock, C. (Cary)
Data underlying the research of Adoption of Cyber Insurance Among Dutch SMEsDataset2019Labunets, K. (Katsiaryna); Martinez Bustamante, I. (Inés)
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