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2913Russchenberg, H.W.J.(Herman)
2042Unal, C.M.H.(Christine)
1239Reinoso Rondinel, R.R.(Ricardo)
1112Luxemburg, W.M.J.(Wim)
875Otto, T.(Tobias)
756Yin, J.(Jiapeng)
725Westhoff, M.C.(Martijn)
387van den Dool, Cees-Anton
276Gatidis, C.(Christos)
55Gerrits, A.M.J.(Miriam)
42Hoogendoorn, S.P.(Serge)
3017Atmospheric Sciences
2938Geomatic Engineering
2933Climate and Climate Change
2919Atmosphere and Weather
1359Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
196Civil Engineering
91Information Systems
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2914Atmospheric observations IDRA, Cabauw
2871DENlab wind and solar data
1243Darelux - River Environment Luxemburg
711 General collection of datasets
306Industrial estates and land use plans in the Netherlands
175Datasets of dissertations
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68IEEE Task Force on Process Mining - Event Logs
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42Traffic flow observations
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Data underlying the publication: Model-based simulation and threat analysis of in-vehicle networksDataset2019Lekidis, A. (Alexios)
Meteorological data collected at the Tarlung reservoir, located in the centre of RomaniaDataset2019Nicu Constantin, T. (Tudose); Ungurean, C. (Cezar); Marin, M. (Mirabela); Mihalache, A. (Alin); Davidescu, S. (Serban)
Data presented in the paper "First record of the endoparasitic isopod Portunion maenadis (Giard, 1886) (Epicaridea: Entoniscidae) in shore crabs in the Wadden Sea and a review of its distribution in Europe"Dataset2019Cornelius, A. (Annika); Waser, A.M. (Andreas); Buschbaum, C. (Christian); Thieltges, D.W. (David)
Data presented in the paper "Prey size selection in invasive (Hemigrapsus sanguineus and H. takanoi) compared with native (Carcinus maenas) marine crabs"Dataset2019Bouwmeester, M.M. (Mark); Waser, A.M. (Andreas); van der Meer, J. (Jaap); Thieltges, D.M. (David)
Data underlying the research on: Landfill leachate and concreteDataset2019Jagmohan, S. (Samantha)
Data underlying the research of Fingerprint of chiral Majorana modes in a QAHI/superconductor heterostructureDataset2019Lortz, R.W. (Rolf); Shen, J. (Junying)
Reconstructed data on the 1809 historic flood event of the Rhine riverDataset2019Bomers, A. (Anouk); van der Meulen, B. (Bas)
Supporting Information for: Scale-dependent evanescence of river dunes during discharge extremesDataset2019Naqshband, S. (Suleyman)
Data for Remote Spacecraft Charge Sensing ExperimentsDataset2019Bengtson, M. (Miles); Wilson, K. (Kieran)
Data underlying the research of " The role of eye gaze in virtual characters on their perceived believability, social presence and the application of ToM.Dataset2019Garama, Z. (Zilla)
Replication Data for: Bed morphodynamics at the intake of a side channel controlled by sill geometryDataset2019de Ruijsscher, T.V. (Timo); Hoitink, A.J.F. (Ton); Naqshband, S. (Suleyman); Paarlberg, A.J. (Andries)
Supplementary data for the article: Order Acceptance and Scheduling with Sequence-dependent Setup Times: a New Memetic Algorithm and Benchmark of the State of the ArtDataset2019He, L. (Lei); Guijt, A. (Arthur); de Weerdt, M.M. (Mathijs); Xing, L. (Lining); Yorke-Smith, N. (Neil)
Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus Intrusion DatasetDataset2019Dupont, G.F.I. (Guillaume); Lekidis, A. (Alexios); den Hartog, J.I. (Jerry); Etalle, S. (Sandro)
Data underlying the research of "Microbial diversity and fermentation data of goat intestine”Dataset2019Wang, K. (Kaijun)
Data underlying the publication: Elucidating the Influence of Tumor Presence on the Polymersome Circulation Time in MiceDataset2019Denkova, A. G. (Antonia)
Supplementary material of the article "Trends in the Seaward Extent of Saltmarshes across Europe from Long-Term Satellite Data"Dataset2019Laengner, M.L. (Marieke Liesa)
Supplementary data for the article: Survey on eHMI concepts: The effect of text, color, and perspectiveDataset2019Bazilinskyy, P. (Pavlo); Dodou, D. (Dimitra); de Winter, J. C. F. (Joost)
Indoor 3D LIDAR scans with thermal images for mapping (the Automation Lab at Jacobs University Bremen)Dataset2019Borrmann, D. (Dorit); Afzal, H. (Hassan)
Data underlying the study of the influence of the dry aerosol particle size distribution and morphology on the cloud condensation nuclei activation.Dataset2019Faccinetto, A. (Alessandro); Wu, J. (Junteng)
Source code in the R programming language, belonging with: Model based geostatistics from a Bayesian perspective: Investigating area‐to‐point kriging with small datasetsDataset2019Steinbuch, L. (Luc); Orton, T.G. (Thomas); Brus, D.J. (Dick)
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