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1Amkreutz, L.W.S.W. (Luc)
1Cohen, K.M. (Kim)
1Johansen, L. (Lykke) (Archaeological Drawings and Analyses)
1Kozowyk, P.R.B. (Paul)
1Meijvogel-de Koning, P.M. (Ellen)
1Niekus, M.J.L.Th. (Marcel)
1Smit, B.I. (Bjørn)
1van Os, B. (Bertil)
1van der Plicht, J. (Johannes)
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Data format #4
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X-ray micro-CT scan Data of First Middle Palaeolitic tar backed tool from the Dutch North SeaDataset2019Ngan-Tillard, D.J.M. (Dominique); Meijvogel-de Koning, P.M. (Ellen); Langejans, G.H.J. (Geeske); van Keulen, H. (Henk); van der Plicht, J. (Johannes); Cohen, K.M. (Kim); van Wingerden, W. (Willy) (self employed); van Os, B. (Bertil); Smit, B.I. (Bjørn); Amkreutz, L.W.S.W. (Luc); Johansen, L. (Lykke) (Archaeological Drawings and Analyses); Niekus, M.J.L.Th. (Marcel); Kozowyk, P.R.B. (Paul); Verbaas, A. (Annemieke)