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2Adatrao, S. (Sagar)
2Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul)
2Labunets, K. (Katsiaryna)
2Sciacchitano, A. (Andrea)
1Amkreutz, L.W.S.W. (Luc)
1Balint, J.T. (Timothy)
1Bosmans, L. (Lien)
1Brenard, N. (Nathalie)
1Cohen, K.M. (Kim)
1De Clercq, G. K. (Koen)
1De Winter, J.C.F. (Joost)
1Devroey, X.D.M. (Xavier)
1Dietrich, A. (André)
1Dijk, van S. (Sandra)
1Eikelboom, J.A.J. (Jasper)
1Elings, A. (Anne)
1Enserink, B. (Bert)
1Gousios, G. (Georgios)
1Grottoli, M. (Marco)
11Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
7Information Systems
5Computer Software
4Library and Information Studies
3Computer Software and Services
2Automotive Engineering
2Mechanical Engineering
2Public Health and Health Services
2Horticultural Crops
1Horticultural Production
1Computation Theory and Mathematics
1Data Format
1Other Information and Computing Sciences
1Design Practice and Management
1Specialist Studies in Education
1Other Economics
1Policy and Administration
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Catcher, artifact of the paper: “Effective and Efficient API Misuse Detection via Exception Propagation and Search-based Testing”.Dataset2019Devroey, X.D.M. (Xavier); Kechagia, M. (Maria); Panichella, A. (Annibale); Gousios, G. (Georgios); van Deursen, A. (Arie)
Data underlying the research on Motivation perspectives of citizens of the municipality of Delft with regard to open data as a means to improve policy and decision-makingDataset2019van den Boogert, R.J. (Mirjam)
Data underlying the research on "Comprehensibility of Tabular and Graphical Risk Model Representations: Results of Two Controlled Experiments"Dataset2019Labunets, K. (Katsiaryna)
Data underlying the research of Adoption of Cyber Insurance Among Dutch SMEsDataset2019Labunets, K. (Katsiaryna); Martinez Bustamante, I. (Inés)
Sharing and re-using open data: a case study of motivations in astrophysicsDataset2019Zuiderwijk - van Eijk, A.M.G. (Anneke)
Public Benchmark Dataset for Testing rPPG Algorithm PerformanceDataset2019Hoffman, W.F.C. (Wouter); Lakens, D. (Daniël)
Improving the precision and accuracy of animal population estimates with aerial image object detectionDataset2019Eikelboom, J.A.J. (Jasper)
Motorcycle multibody model validation for HuiL simulator - ResultsDataset2019Grottoli, M. (Marco)
Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge, First Edition (2018)Dataset2019Hemming, S. (Silke); de Zwart, H.F. (Feije); Elings, A. (Anne); Righini, I. (Isabella); Petropolou, A. (Anna)
Illustrative screenshots of the Multi Modal Memory Restructuring (3MR) used for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatmentDataset2019van Meggelen, M. (Marieke); Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul)
Data underlying the article: Is tomorrow's car appealing today? Ethical issues and user attitudes beyond automationDataset2019Vrščaj, D. (Darja)
DTS measurements supporting a DTS calibration paper.Dataset2019des Tombe, B.F. (Bas)
Raw data from Yellow Sticky Traps with insects for training of deep learning Convolutional Neural Network for object detectionDataset2019Nieuwenhuizen, A.T. (Ard); Hemming, J. (Jochen); Janssen, D. (Dirk); Suh, H.K. (Hyun); Bosmans, L. (Lien); Sluydts, V. (Vincent); Brenard, N. (Nathalie); Rodríguez, E. (Estefanía); Tellez, M.D.M. (Maria del Mar)
MTL Music Representation, data underlying the publication: One deep music representation to rule them all? A comparative analysis of different representation learning strategiesDataset2019Kim, J. (Jaehun); Urbano, J. (Julián); Liem, C.C.S. (Cynthia); Hanjalic, A. (Alan)
Large scale API Usage datasetDataset2019Sawant, A.A. (Anand)
Supplementary data for the article: External human-machine interfaces on automated vehicles: Effects on pedestrian crossing decisions.Dataset2019De Winter, J.C.F. (Joost); De Clercq, G. K. (Koen); Dietrich, A. (André); Núñez Velasco, J. P. (Pablo); Happee, R. (Riender)
X-ray micro-CT scan Data of First Middle Palaeolitic tar backed tool from the Dutch North SeaDataset2019Ngan-Tillard, D.J.M. (Dominique); Meijvogel-de Koning, P.M. (Ellen); Langejans, G.H.J. (Geeske); van Keulen, H. (Henk); van der Plicht, J. (Johannes); Cohen, K.M. (Kim); van Wingerden, W. (Willy) (self employed); van Os, B. (Bertil); Smit, B.I. (Bjørn); Amkreutz, L.W.S.W. (Luc); Johansen, L. (Lykke) (Archaeological Drawings and Analyses)
Mined Object and Relational Data for Sets of LocationsDataset2019Balint, J.T. (Timothy)
Nzoia WeShareIt YUTPA DatasetDataset2019Onencan, A.M. (Abby); Nevejan, C. (Caroline); Enserink, B. (Bert); van de Walle, B. (Bartel)
Analysis underlying user study with kidney transplant patients and user interface of a self-management support systemDataset2019Wang, W. (Wenxin); van Lint, C.L. (Céline); Brinkman, W.P. (Willem-Paul); Rövekamp, T.J.M. (Ton); Dijk, van S. (Sandra); van der Boog, P.J.M. (Paul); Neerincx, M.A. (Mark)
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