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Type #2
Creator #4
1Bosmans, L. (Lien)
1Hemming, J. (Jochen)
1Janssen, D. (Dirk)
1Nieuwenhuizen, A.T. (Ard)
1Suh, H.K. (Hyun)
1Tellez, M.D.M. (Maria del Mar)
Subject #2
1Horticultural Crops
Data format #3
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Raw data from Yellow Sticky Traps with insects for training of deep learning Convolutional Neural Network for object detectionDataset2019Nieuwenhuizen, A.T. (Ard); Hemming, J. (Jochen); Janssen, D. (Dirk); Suh, H.K. (Hyun); Bosmans, L. (Lien); Sluydts, V. (Vincent); Brenard, N. (Nathalie); Rodríguez, E. (Estefanía); Tellez, M.D.M. (Maria del Mar)