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3Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
3Engelmann, J.C. (Julia)
2Calvo-Baltanás, V. (Vanesa)
2Goedknegt, M. A. (Anouk)
2Groenenboom, A.E. (Anneloes)
2Markovic, M. (Mirjana)
2Thieltges, D.W. (David)
2Timmermans, K. (Klaas)
2Wijnker, E. (Erik)
2van de Koppel, J. (Johan)
2van der Meer, J. (Jaap)
1Bakker, L. (Liesbeth)
1Bertolini, C. (Camilla)
1Buschbaum, C. (Christian)
1Capelle, J.J. (Jacob)
1Christianen, M.J.A. (Marjolijn)
1Cornacchia, L. (Loreta)
1Costa, K.B. (Karine Beatriz)
1Derksen, G.C.H. (Dorien)
1Eikelboom, J.A.J. (Jasper)
1Folmer, E. O. (Eelke)
1Grasser, K (Klaus)
1Growns, I. (Ivor)
4Biochemistry and Cell Biology
4Plant Biology
2Environmental Science and Management
1Other Chemical Sciences
1Other Biological Sciences
1Fisheries Sciences
1Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
1Chemical Engineering
1Environmental Biotechnology
1Medical Biochemistry and Metabolomics
1Oncology and Carcinogenesis
1Environmental and Natural Resource Evaluation
1Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity
14 General collection of datasets
3Datasets for evaluating FastqPuri and other RNA sequencing pre-processing tools.
2Datasets of dissertations
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Data presented in the paper "Consumer and host body size effects on the removal of trematode cercariae by ambient communities"Dataset2019Welsh, J.E. (Jennifer); Hempel, A. (Anke); Markovic, M. (Mirjana); van der Meer, J. (Jaap); Thieltges, D.W. (David)
Data presented in the paper "Understanding how leaf traits affect sediment stabilisation by seagrass: the effect of grazing and invasive species"Dataset2019James, R.K. (Rebecca); Christianen, M.J.A. (Marjolijn); van Katwijk, M.M. (Marieke); de Smit, J.C. (Jaco); Bakker, L. (Liesbeth); van der Heide, T. (Tjisse); Herman, P.M.J. (Peter); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
Data set on the storage duration effects on oxidative stress biomarkers in the tissues of exercised mice.Dataset2019Costa, K.B. (Karine Beatriz); Rocha-Vieira, E. (Etel)
Improving the precision and accuracy of animal population estimates with aerial image object detectionDataset2019Eikelboom, J.A.J. (Jasper)
Data presented in the paper "Timing it right: Non-consumptive effects on prey recruitment magnify overtime"Dataset2019Bertolini, C. (Camilla); Capelle, J.J. (Jacob); Timmermans, K. (Klaas); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd); van de Koppel, J. (Johan); Derksen, G.C.H. (Dorien)
Data presented in the paper "Parasites and stable isotopes: a comparative analysis of isotopic discrimination in parasitic trophic interactions"Dataset2019Thieltges, D.W. (David); Goedknegt, M. A. (Anouk); O’Dwyer, K. (Katie); Senior, A. M. (Alistair); Kamiya, T. (Tsukushi)
Data presented in the paper "How invasive oysters can affect parasite infection patterns in native mussels on a large spatial scale"Dataset2019Goedknegt, M. A. (Anouk); Nauta, R. (Reinier); Markovic, M. (Mirjana); Buschbaum, C. (Christian); Folmer, E. O. (Eelke); Luttikhuizen, P. C. (Pieternella); van der Meer, J. (Jaap); Waser, A. M. (Andreas); Thieltges, D. W. (David)
Blue carbon, the Global Greenhouse Gas emissions of the natural and restored wetlands in ChinaDataset2019Yang, H. (Hualei)
Data from: Robust sampling and preservation of DNA for microbial community profiling in field experimentsDataset2019Groenenboom, A.E. (Anneloes)
Data from: Bacterial communities in lait caillé, a traditional product of spontaneous fermentation from SenegalDataset2019Groenenboom, A.E. (Anneloes)
Arabidopsis thaliana wild-type RNA-seqDataset2019Engelmann, J.C. (Julia); Grasser, K (Klaus)
Human monocytes exposed to conditioned medium of OCI-Ly3 cell lineDataset2019Engelmann, J.C. (Julia); Kube, D. (Dieter)
Simulated RNA-seq data of Homo sapiens and Mus musculusDataset2019Engelmann, J.C. (Julia)
Tomato plant spider mite damage imagesDataset2019Nieuwenhuizen, A.T. (Ard); Kool, J. (Janne); Hemming, J. (Jochen)
Small wetland mesocosm dataDataset2019Growns, I. (Ivor)
Data presented in the paper "Uptake kinetics and storage capacity of dissolved inorganic phosphorus and corresponding dissolved inorganic nitrate uptake in saccharina latissma and laminaria digitata (phaeophyceae)"Dataset2019Lubsch, A. (Alexander); Timmermans, K. (Klaas)
Genotyping Data Hyperrecombinant offspring VIGSDataset2019Calvo-Baltanás, V. (Vanesa); Wijnker, E. (Erik)
Genotyping data MiMe offspring VIGSDataset2019Calvo-Baltanás, V. (Vanesa); Wijnker, E. (Erik)
Data presented in the paper “Flow-divergence feedbacks control propagule retention by in-stream vegetation: the importance of spatial patterns for facilitation”Dataset2019Cornacchia, L. (Loreta); van der Wal, D. (Daphne); van de Koppel, J. (Johan); Puijalon, S. (Sara); Wharton, G. (Geraldene); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)