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4Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
4Rozen, D.E. (Daniel)
4Wang, Y. (Yin)
3Cornacchia, L. (Loreta)
3Folkard, A.M. (Andrew)
3Puijalon, S. (Sara)
3van de Koppel, J. (Johan)
3van der Wal, D. (Daphne)
2Cardoso, J.F.M.F. (Joana)
2Koehorst, J.J. (Jasper Jan)
2Song, C. (Chuangye)
2Timmermans, K. (Klaas)
2Wharton, G. (Geraldene)
2van der Veer, H.W. (Henk)
1Adhitya, A. (Achmad)
1Ballesta-Artero, I. (Irene)
1Becking, L.E. (Leontine)
1Bom, R.A. (Roeland)
1Buisman, C.J.N. (Cees)
1Christianen, M.J.A. (Marjolijn)
1Davies, G. (Grieg)
1Debrot, A.O. (Adolphe)
1Engel, M.S. (Sabine)
1Freitas, V. (Vânia)
1Grabowski, R. (Robert)
1Herman, P.M.J. (Peter)
1Jacobs, C.G.C. (Chris)
3Plant Biology
2Biochemistry and Cell Biology
1Other Chemical Sciences
1Ecological Applications
1Evolutionary Biology
1Horticultural Production
1Fisheries - Wild Caught
19 General collection of datasets
5Datasets of dissertations
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Data presented in the paper “Plants face the flow in V-formation: a study of plant patch alignment in streams”Dataset2018Cornacchia, L. (Loreta); Folkard, A.M. (Andrew); Davies, G. (Grieg); Grabowski, R. (Robert); van de Koppel, J. (Johan); van der Wal, D. (Daphne); Wharton, G. (Geraldene); Puijalon, S. (Sara); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
Data presented in the paper “Turbulence-mediated facilitation of resource uptake in patchy stream macrophytes”Dataset2018Cornacchia, L. (Loreta); Licci, S. (Sofia); Nepf, H. (Heidi); Folkard, A.M. (Andrew); van der Wal, D. (Daphne); van de Koppel, J. (Johan); Puijalon, S. (Sara); Bouma, T.J. (Tjeerd)
GPS data of Herring Gulls for analysis of the relationship between site fidelity and time-activity budgetsDataset2018van Donk, S.C. (Susanne)
Supplemental files for the manuscript of 'Development of small InDels in kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) based on transcriptome sequences'Dataset2018Zhang, L. (Liwu)
Data presented in the paper "A comparison of growth in two juvenile flatfish species in the Dutch Wadden Sea: searching for a mechanism for summer growth reduction in flatfish nurseries"Dataset2018Poiesz, S.S.H. (Suzanne); de Vries, A. (Anne); Cardoso, J.F.M.F. (Joana); Witte, J.I.J. (Johannes); van der Veer, H.W. (Henk); Freitas, V. (Vânia)
Data underlying the paper: Fitness effects and transmission of phoretic nematodes of the burying beetle, Nicrophorus vespilloides. Ecology and EvolutionDataset2018Wang, Y. (Yin); Rozen, D.E. (Daniel)
Data underlying the paper: Gut microbiota in the burying beetle, Nicrophorus vespilloides, provide colonization resistance against larval bacterial pathogensDataset2018Wang, Y. (Yin); Rozen, D.E. (Daniel)
Data underlying the paper: Gut Microbiota Colonization and Transmission in the Burying Beetle Nicrophorus vespilloides throughout DevelopmentDataset2018Wang, Y. (Yin); Rozen, D.E. (Daniel)
Data underlying the paper: Egg survival is reduced by grave-soil microbes in the carrion beetle, Nicrophorus vespilloidesDataset2018Wang, Y. (Yin); Jacobs, C.G.C. (Chris); Vogel, H. (Heiko); Vilcinskas, A. (Andreas); van der Zee, M. (Maurijn); Rozen, D.E. (Daniel)
Dataset of trace elements to calcium ratios of Arctica islandica shellsDataset2018Ballesta-Artero, I. (Irene)
Expected and observed genotype complexity in prokaryotes: correlation between 16S-rRNA phylogeny and protein domain contentDataset2018Koehorst, J.J. (Jasper Jan)
Strong population structure but no equilibrium yet: Genetic connectivity and phylogeography in the kelp Saccharina latissima (Laminariales, Phaeophyta): Supplementary material Table S2Dataset2018Luttikhuizen, P.C. (Pieternella); van den Heuvel, F.H.M. (Freek); Rebours, C. (Céline); Witte, H.J. (Harry); van Bleijswijk, J.D.L. (Judith); Timmermans, K. (Klaas)
Data presented in the paper “Occurrence and life history characteristics of tropical flatfishes at the coral reefs of Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean"Dataset2018van der Veer, H.W. (Henk); Cardoso, J.F.M.F. (Joana); Mateo, I. (Ivan); Witte, J.IJ. (Johannes); van Duyl, F.C. (Fleur)
Comparison of 432 Pseudomonas strains through integration of genomic, functional, metabolic and expression dataDataset2018Koehorst, J.J. (Jasper Jan)
Data from: X-Ray Diffraction of Iron Containing Samples: the Importance of a Suitable ConfigurationDataset2018Mos, Y.M. (Yvonne); Vermeulen, A.C. (Arnold); Buisman, C.J.N. (Cees); Weijma, J. (Jan)
Data from: Apoplastic effectors, MAMPs and surface immune receptors- the battlefront of the Phytophthora infestans - potato interactionDataset2018Lin, X. (Xiao)
Three Magnolia species distribution dataDataset2018Song, C. (Chuangye)
Megaherbivores may impact expansion of invasive seagrass in the CaribbeanDataset2018Christianen, M.J.A. (Marjolijn); Smulder, F.O.H. (Fee); Engel, M.S. (Sabine); Nava, M.I. (Mabel); Willis, S. (Sue); Debrot, A.O. (Adolphe); Palsbøll, P.J. (Per); Vonk, J.A. (Arie); Becking, L.E. (Leontine)
Distribution of Magnolia officinalisDataset2018Song, C. (Chuangye)
Data presented in the paper 'Uptake kinetics and storage capacity of dissolved inorganic phosphorus and corresponding N:P dynamics in Ulva lactuca (Chlorophyta)'Dataset2018Lubsch, A. (Alexander); Timmermans, K. (Klaas)
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