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1Adeloye, A.J. (Adebayo)
1Augustijn, D.C.M. (Denie)
1Carranza, C.D. (Coleen)
1Hendriks, D.M.D. (Dimmie)
1Hulscher, S.J.M.H. (Suzanne)
1Pezij, M. (Michiel)
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2Environmental Science and Management
1Other Earth Sciences
1Climate and Climate Change
1Other Environment
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Data accompanying the research on impacts of hydroclimate, land-use and socio-economic changes on water security in the Beas-Sutlej Basin in Northern IndiaDataset2019Adeloye, A.J. (Adebayo)
Data underlying the publication: Applying transfer function-noise modelling to characterize soil moisture dynamics: a data-driven approach using remote sensing dataDataset2019Pezij, M. (Michiel); Augustijn, D.C.M. (Denie); Hendriks, D.M.D. (Dimmie); Hulscher, S.J.M.H. (Suzanne)
Cone index and surface soil moisture measurements in selected agricultural fields within the Raam and Twente soil moisture monitoring networksDataset2019Carranza, C.D. (Coleen)