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Type #2
1Item with a doi
Creator #4
1Agosta, C. (Cécile)
1Champollion, N. (Nicolas)
1Church, J.A. (John)
1Ligtenberg, S.R.M. (Stefan)
1Marzeion, B. (Ben)
1Meyssignac, B. (Benoit)
1Palmer, M.D. (Matthew)
1Richter, K. (Kristin)
1Roberts, C.D. (Christopher)
1Slangen, A.B.A. (Aimee)
Subject #3
1 General collection of datasets
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Dataset for "Evaluating model simulations of 20th century sea-level rise. Part 1: global mean sea-level change"Dataset2018Slangen, A.B.A. (Aimee); Meyssignac, B. (Benoit); Agosta, C. (Cécile); Champollion, N. (Nicolas); Church, J.A. (John); Fettweis, X. (Xavier); Ligtenberg, S.R.M. (Stefan); Marzeion, B. (Ben); Melet, A. (Angelique); Palmer, M.D. (Matthew); Richter, K. (Kristin); Roberts, C.D. (Christopher); Spada, G. (Giorgio)