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227Reinoso Rondinel, R.R.(Ricardo)
227Russchenberg, H.W.J.(Herman)
227Unal, C.M.H.(Christine)
227Yin, J.(Jiapeng)
11Slinger, J.H. (Jill)
6Dees, M.
6van Dongen, B.F. (Boudewijn)
5Vajda, A. (Andrea)
4Groenemeijer, P. (Pieter)
4Pascoe, J.A. (John-Alan)
4Pucik, T. (Tomas)
3Hilgersom, K.P. (Koen)
3Lehtonen, I. (Ilari)
3Nava Guerrero, G.d.C. (Graciela)
3Vlugt, T.J.H. (Thijs)
3van de Giesen, N.C. (Nick)
244Atmospheric Sciences
231Climate and Climate Change
228Geomatic Engineering
227Atmosphere and Weather
23Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
14Environmental Engineering
12Engineering Design
9Civil Engineering
8Business and Management
6Condensed Matter Physics
6Quantum Physics
5Materials Engineering
4Information Systems
4Interdisciplinary Engineering
227Atmospheric observations IDRA, Cabauw
67 General collection of datasets
16Datasets of dissertations
14Datasets of projects
10IEEE Task Force on Process Mining - Event Logs
9Datasets of master theses
1Datasets of conferences
1Fieldwork Hydraulic Engineering
1Zandmotor data
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An estimation of the effects of Ensis directus on the transport and burial of silt in the near-shore Dutch coastal zone of the North SeaDataset2016Witbaard, R. (Rob); Bergman, M.J.N. (Magda); van Weerlee, E. (Evaline); Duineveld, G.C.A. (Gerard)
Actual evaporation from GLEAM v3.0aDataset2016Martens, B. (Brecht); Miralles, D. (Diego)
fMRI data of apathy studies of healthy subjectsDataset2016Fazio, L. (Leonardo)
The stability of rock on mild slopes under wave attackDataset2016Kramer, R. (Roy)
Effects of β-Glucans and resistant starch on fermentation of recalcitrant fibers in growing pigsDataset2016de Vries, S. (Sonja); Gerrits, W.J.J. (Walter); Kabel, M.A. (Mirjam); Zijlstra, R. (Ruurd); Vasanthan, T. (Thava)
Subnanometer-accuracy optical distance ruler based on fluorescence quenching by transparent conductorsDataset2016Moerland, R. J. (Robert); Hoogenboom, J. P. (Jacob)
COMSOL files used for dissertation 'Particle enhanced foam flow in porous media near the critical micelle concentration'Dataset2016Thorat, R. (Rahul)
Pattern Mining for Label RankingDataset2016Pinho Rebelo de Sá, C.F. (Cláudio)
Heat and mass transfer over slippery, superhydrophobic surfacesDataset2016Haase, A.S. (Sander); Lammertink, R.G.H. (Rob)
RaZON+, a novel solar monitoring system: a rooftop comparison performance of SPN1, RSR2 and RaZON+Dataset2016Korevaar, M. (Marc); Staupe, I. (Ilja); Partosoebroto, A. (Allard)
Why bumpy is better: The role of the dissipation distribution in slip flow over a bubble mattressDataset2016Haase, A.S. (Sander); Wood, J.A. (Jeffery); Lammertink, R.G.H. (Rob); Snoeijer, J.H. (Jacco)
Fatigue crack growth in FM94 epoxy adhesive bonds at different temperaturesDataset2016Usman, M. (Muhammad)
Response of the Mekong deltaic coast to its changing sediment sources and sinksDataset2016Phan, M.H. (Hung)
Dynamics of mangrove in lower Mekong deltaDataset2016Phan, M.H. (Hung)
Robustness of Majorana bound states in the short junction limitDataset2016Sticlet, D.C. (Doru); Nijholt, B. (Bas); Akhmerov, A.R. (Anton)
100-year flood susceptibility maps for the continental U.S. derived with a geomorphic methodDataset2016Samela, C. (Caterina)
Results of CubeSat Survey on Electrical Interfaces & ReliabilityDataset2016Bouwmeester, J. (Jasper); Langer, M. (Martin)
3D Laser Scan Data: La Charce Sedimentary Outcrop, FranceDataset2016Prentice, E.F. (Elizabeth)
A Bayesian Network Model for Predicting Data Breaches Caused by Insiders of a Health Care OrganizationDataset2016de Wilde, L. (Lisa)
Characterization of Deuterium Content in Virgin Lithium Samples using Thermal Desorption SpectroscopyDataset2016van den Berg, T.M. (Theo)
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