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Type #2
1Item with a doi
Creator #3
1Celiberti, F. (Francesco)
1Grottoli, M. (Marco)
1Hagenzieker, M.P. (Marjan)
1Happee, R. (Riender)
1Lemmens, Y. (Yves)
Subject #3
1Cognitive Sciences
1Ground Transport
1 General collection of datasets
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Supplementary data for the article: Emergency braking at intersections: A motion-base motorcycle simulator studyDataset2019Kovácsová, N. (Natália); Grottoli, M. (Marco); Celiberti, F. (Francesco); Lemmens, Y. (Yves); Happee, R. (Riender); Hagenzieker, M.P. (Marjan); de Winter, J.C.F. (Joost)