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Type #2
1Item with a doi
Creator #3
1Abellán, C.
1Amaya, W.
1Bernien, H.
1Blok, M.S.
1Dréau, A.E.
1Elkouss, D.
1Hensen, B.
1Markham, M. (Matthew)
1Mitchell, M.W.
1Pruneri, V.
1Reiserer, A.A. (Andreas)
1Ruitenberg, J.
1Schouten, R.N.
1Taminiau, T.H.
1Twitchen, D.J. (Daniel)
1Vermeulen, R.F.L.
1Wehner, S.
1Quantum Physics
1 General collection of datasets
Data format #4
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Loophole-free Bell-inequality violation using electron spins separated by 1.3 kilometresDataset2015Hensen, B.; Bernien, H.; Dréau, A.E.; Reiserer, A.A. (Andreas); Kalb, N. (Norbert); Blok, M.S.; Ruitenberg, J.; Vermeulen, R.F.L.; Schouten, R.N.; Abellán, C.; Amaya, W.; Pruneri, V.; Mitchell, M.W.; Markham, M. (Matthew); Twitchen, D.J. (Daniel); Elkouss, D.; Wehner, S.; Taminiau, T.H.; Hanson, R. (Ronald)