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1Chen, M. (Mingyue)
1Haylock, M.R.
1Higgins, R.W. (Wayne)
1Hofstra, N.
1Janowiak, J.E. (John)
1Jones, P.D.
1Klein Tank, A.M.G.
1Klok, E.J.
1Kousky, V.E. (Vernon)
1New, M.
1Silva, V.B.S. (Viviane)
1Xie, P. (Pingping)
2 General collection of datasets
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CPC Unified Gauge-Based Analysis of Daily Precipitation over CONUSDataset2008Chen, M. (Mingyue); Xie, P. (Pingping); Silva, V.B.S. (Viviane); Kousky, V.E. (Vernon); Higgins, R.W. (Wayne); Janowiak, J.E. (John)
E-OBS precipitation dataset v12.0 0.25 deg. regular gridDataset2008Haylock, M.R.; Hofstra, N.; Klein Tank, A.M.G.; Klok, E.J.; Jones, P.D.; New, M.