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1Dufournet, Y. (Yann)
1Gregow, H. (Hilppa)
1Hyvärinen, O. (Otto)
1Jylhä, K. (Kirsti)
1Kämäräinen, M. (Matti)
1Myagkov, A. (Alexander)
1Neiglick, S. (Simo)
1Nuottokari, J. (Jaakko)
1Pfitzenmaier, L. (Lukas)
1Unal, C.M.H.(Christine)
1Vajda, A. (Andrea)
1van Osnabrugge, B. (Bart)
Subject #2
1Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
2 General collection of datasets
1Datasets of projects
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ACCEPT campaign (Analysis of the Composition of Clouds with Extended Polarization Techniques) data set 07-11-2014Dataset2018Pfitzenmaier, L. (Lukas); Myagkov, A. (Alexander); Dufournet, Y. (Yann); Unal, C.M.H.(Christine)
Gridded Hourly Temperature, Radiation and Makkink Potential Evaporation forcing for hydrological modelling in the Rhine basinDataset2018van Osnabrugge, B. (Bart)
Historical freezing rain cases in Europe based on the ERA-Interim reanalysis in 1979–2017Dataset2018Kämäräinen, M. (Matti); Hyvärinen, O. (Otto); Jylhä, K. (Kirsti); Vajda, A. (Andrea); Neiglick, S. (Simo); Nuottokari, J. (Jaakko); Gregow, H. (Hilppa)