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4Dicker, G. (Sjors)
2Aerts, J.C.J.H. (Jeroen)
2Bakker, R.R. (Richard)
2Barnhoorn, A. (Auke)
2Bloemendaal, N. (Nadia)
2Boersma, Q. (Quinten)
2Guatame-García, L.A. (Adriana)
2Haarsma, R.J. (Reindert)
2Haigh, I.D. (Ivan)
2Lemmetyinen, J. (Juha)
2Leppäranta, M. (Matti)
2Lin, H. (Hui)
2Muis, S. (Sanne)
2Qiu, Y. (Yubao)
2Shi, L. (Lijuan)
2Wang, X. (Xingxing)
2Wang, Z. (Ziyan)
20Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
10Other Earth Sciences
10Climate and Climate Change
8Atmospheric Sciences
3Environmental Science and Management
3Civil Engineering
3Resources Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy
3Land and Water Management
3Natural Hazards
2Other Environmental Sciences
2Environmental Engineering
2Environmentally Sustainable Mineral Resource Activities
2Mining and Extraction of Energy Resources
43 General collection of datasets
6Datasets of master theses
5Datasets of dissertations
3Hondsbossche Dunes
2Datasets of projects
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Research on Radionuclides of the Earth – Jupyter NotebookDataset2019Šrámek, O. (Ondřej)
Orthophotos and Lidar measurements of the mudflats and salt marshes near Koehool northeast of the Mud MotorDataset2019Shore; Wageningen University & Research; Deltares
Sedimentation and erosion data Mud motorDataset2019Willemsen, P. (Pim); Hanssen, J. (Jill); Vroom, J. (Julia); De Vet, L. (Lodewijk); Van Maren, B. (Bas)
Data underlying the publication: Turbulent-driven magnetic reconnection in the magnetosheath downstream of a quasi-parallel shock: three-dimensional global hybrid simulationDataset2019Wang, H. (Huanyu)
Data accompanying the research on Bayesian Inference Radiation BeltDataset2019Sarma, R. (Rakesh)
Data of tsunami and sediment transportation in Salgados, Portugal of the 1755 earthquakeDataset2019Dourado, F. (Francisco); Costa, P.J.M. (Pedro)
Supplementary data to "Distribution of Cl and F in benthic foraminifera"Dataset2019Roepert, A. (Anne)
Data supporting article "Deformation of a star dune impacted by anthropogenic activities"Dataset2019Liu, B. (Benli)
STORM IBTrACS present climate synthetic tropical cyclone tracksDataset2019Bloemendaal, N. (Nadia); Haigh, I.D. (Ivan); de Moel, H. (Hans); Muis, S. (Sanne); Haarsma, R.J. (Reindert); Aerts, J.C.J.H. (Jeroen)
Data underlying the research on: Geochemical and 40Ar/39Ar geochronological raw data for white mica of the Tsakkok Lens, Scandinavian CaledonidesDataset2019Barnes, C. (Christopher); Camacho, A. (Alfredo); Wlodek, A. (Adam)
Data underlying the research on: "Shear Wave Speed of Shallow Seafloor Sediments in the Northern South China Sea and Their Correlations with Physical Parameters"Dataset2019Kan, G.M. (Guangming); Wang, J.Q. (Jingqiang)
Supplementary material of the article "Trends in the Seaward Extent of Saltmarshes across Europe from Long-Term Satellite Data"Dataset2019Laengner, M.L. (Marieke Liesa)
Source code in the R programming language, belonging with: Model based geostatistics from a Bayesian perspective: Investigating area‐to‐point kriging with small datasetsDataset2019Steinbuch, L. (Luc); Orton, T.G. (Thomas); Brus, D.J. (Dick)
EUropean Flood Fatalities (EUFF) database 1980-2018Dataset2019Petrucci, O. (Olga); Aceto, L. (Luigi); Bianchi, C. (Cinzia); Bigot, V. (Victoria); Brázdil, R. (Rudolf); Pereira, S. (Susana); Inbar, M. (Moshe); Kahraman, A. (Abdullah); Kılıç, O. (Özgenur); Kotroni, V. (Vassiliki); Llasat, M.C. (Maria Carmen); Llasat-Botija, M. (Montserrat); Mercuri, M. (Michele); Papagiannaki, K. (Katerina); Pasqua, A.A. (Angela Aurora); Řehoř, J. (Jan); Rossello-Geli, J. (Joan); Salvati, P. (Paola); Vinet, F. (Freddy); Zêzere, J.L. (José Luis)
Data and software underlying the publication: Waiting for Forcot: Accelerating FORC Processing 100x using a Fast-Fourier-Transform AlgorithmDataset2019Berndt, Th. A. (Thomas); Chang, L. (Liao)
Code to the article: Patch-based multiscale algorithm for flow and reactive transport in fracture-microcrack systems in shalesDataset2019Wang, Z. (Ziyan)
Supplementary data to the article: Patch-based multiscale algorithm for flow and reactive transport in fracture-microcrack systems in shalesDataset2019Wang, Z. (Ziyan)
Data accompanying the article: "Analytical model captures intratidal variation in salinity in a convergent, well-mixed estuary"Dataset2019Xu, Y. (Yanwen)
The effect of a shallow vegetated foreshore on infragravity waves: A study with SWASHDataset2019Feys, C.J.M. (Charles)
Supplementary material for the manuscript entitled: Mechanical Controls on Horizontal Stresses and Fracture Behaviour in Layered Rocks: A Numerical Sensitivity AnalysisDataset2019Boersma, Q. (Quinten)
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