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Creator #3
1Bouman, D. (Daniël)
1Geresdi, A. (Attila)
1Krogstrup, P. (Peter)
1Laroche, D. (Dominique)
1Murthy, C. (Chaitanya)
1Nayak, C. (Chetan)
1Nygård, J. (Jesper)
1Pikulin, D.I. (Dmitry)
1Proutski, A. (Alex)
1van Woerkom, D.J. (David)
Subject #2
1Quantum Physics
1Materials Engineering
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Observation of the 4π-periodic Josephson effect in InAs nanowiresDataset2017Laroche, D. (Dominique); Bouman, D. (Daniël); van Woerkom, D.J. (David); Proutski, A. (Alex); Murthy, C. (Chaitanya); Pikulin, D.I. (Dmitry); Nayak, C. (Chetan); van Gulik, R.J.J. (Ruben); Nygård, J. (Jesper); Krogstrup, P. (Peter); Kouwenhoven, L.P. (Leo); Geresdi, A. (Attila)